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TableTop Epoxy


Pourable, self-leveling two-part epoxy system protects and preserves table tops, bar tops, and counters. It cures blush-free to a clear, glassy, 100% waterproof finish with excellent scratch, stain and yellowing resistance.

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Product Description

  • Unique 2-part, high-viscosity epoxy resin coating cures at room temperature
  • Cures without bubbling or blushing
  • Cures to a 100% waterproof, clear, deep glass-like finish
  • Resists scratches, stains, and yellowing
  • Apply to properly prepared wood, metal, stone, ceramic, and concrete surfaces
  • Formula provides superior results on bar tops and table tops
  • Simple 1 to 1 mix ratio
  • Easy to obtain beautiful, glassy results whether you’re a professional or it’s your first time applying a 100% solids, high-build, high-gloss, pourable epoxy
  • Very easy to apply. Self-leveling as it cures.
  • Sizes: Available in a 2-Quart Kit (1 Quart TableTop Epoxy Resin Part A, and 1 Quart TableTop Epoxy Hardener Part B), and a Gallon Kit (½-Gallon TableTop Epoxy Resin Part A, and ½-Gallon TableTop Epoxy Hardener Part B)
  • Each order includes: 2 stir sticks, 2 QT size paint pails, 1 plastic spreader, and a pair of latex gloves

Get the crystal clear, high-gloss, durable coating seen on restaurant bar tops and table tops

TotalBoat TableTop is a pourable, 2-part, clear coat epoxy system formulated for ease of use and superior results. It cures to a clear, deep, glassy and 100% waterproof finish that provides excellent scratch, stain and yellowing resistance. Upon full cure, TableTop provides unsurpassed finish clarity while preserving the surface underneath for a lifetime.

Great for wood or art projects like embedding objects, decoupage and other crafts

TableTop makes it easy to cover a prepared level, horizontal surface containing just about any collection of personally priceless, glued-down objects (such as photographs, postcards, bottle caps, coins, charts, baseball cards, buttons) with multiple, thin layers of crystal clear protection. To make objects appear to float beneath the surface, embed them between coats. Just remember to seal delicate things (like photos) that the epoxy might damage, in an alternate clear coat before embedding them in the TableTop Epoxy.

Or, skip the glued-down objects altogether and just coat the flat surface as is. Wait 4-8 hours between coats to get the maximum self-leveling benefit and a crystal clear finish. Almost any horizontal, level surface is fair game. Chart tables, galley tables, cockpit tables and coasters are just a few of the creative possibilities.


  • Application temperature: Apply only in temperatures between 70-80°F. Warm conditions are critical for success.
  • Edge taping: Before mixing the epoxy, contain the liquid epoxy by taping the edges of the top. Packing tape is best because it releases cleanly and easily after the epoxy cures.
  • Mix ratio by volume: 1 part resin to 1 part hardener
  • Seal coat application: Brush
  • Flood coat application(s): Pour on and spread with an epoxy spreader. Flood coats should be no thicker than 1/8" each.
  • Application temperature: 70-80°F
  • Working time: 20 minutes @ 70°F
  • Gel time: 30 minutes @ 77°F
  • Time between coats: 4-8 hours (without needing to sand between coats
  • Cure time: 16-20 hours @ 70°F
  • Product Color: TableTop Epoxy Resin (clear), Hardener (very light amber)
  • Cured Color: Clear
  • Coverage at 1/8″ thick (2-Quart Kit): 6.4 sq. ft.
  • Coverage at 1/8″ thick (Gallon Kit): 12.8 sq. ft.
  • UV resistant formula is not intended for outdoor applications with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Do not place items hotter than 125°F on the cured surface, or it will become distorted and discolor.

TotalBoat TableTop Epoxy Technical Data
TableTop Epoxy Resin Part A SDS
TableTop Epoxy Hardener Part B SDS

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