TotalBoat Fiberglass Polish

One Step Fiberglass Polish


Easy-on, easy-off liquid formula cleans and polishes in one step to restore color and shine. Perfect for lightly oxidized, scratched or stained gelcoat finishes.

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Product Description

  • Single step combination cleaner and polish for marine and RV gelcoat finishes
  • Easy to apply and remove by hand
  • Safe, mild abrasive agents restore gelcoat color and gloss
  • Cleans and shines with less effort
  • Much easier to use than rubbing compounds—and safer for gelcoat finishes
  • An economical, time-saving solution perfect for lightly oxidized or stained surfaces. Excellent for midseason finish maintenance.
  • Size: 16 fl. oz.

Restore color and gloss to lightly faded, oxidized or stained fiberglass without the work

TotalBoat Fiberglass Polish combines a mild polishing agent with a protective wax coating to revitalize gelcoat finishes in a single step. It’s a perfect match for ridding your boat’s gelcoat of stains, slight scratches, and light fading. Multi-step polishing systems using rubbing compounds may be necessary on seriously neglected surfaces, but they are harder and much more time consuming to use by comparison. In addition, they are overkill for the jobs our fiberglass polish is suited for. Our polish is easy to apply and remove when applied by hand. No electric buffers necessary.

Keeping your boat looking its best is easier than you think

Follow up with an application of TotalBoat Premium Boat Wax or Podium Finish Polish for lasting protection. Need soap, polish, wax, and a polishing towel? Save more money with our comprehensive 3-step TotalBoat Hand Polishing Kit.


  • Apply sparingly to small sections at a time using a clean, damp cloth
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to remove
  • Use with adequate ventilation

TotalBoat Fiberglass Polish SDS

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