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Boatworks Today: Replacing The Transom on a Boston Whaler

Andy Miller from Boatworks Today YouTube show always makes boat repairs look easy and straightforward. But as boat owners, we know otherwise. You can count on Andy to show you a few shortcuts to simplify complicated jobs, like this transom replacement on a 25-foot Boston Whaler. With the right tools, a good plan and proper … Read More

Epoxy in the Workshop: Building an Arctic Resin Table

Peter Brown, the YouTube superstar videographer and Shop Time Channel creator, was seeking out an epoxy to help him complete his “Arctic Resin Table,” and we were hopeful that he would choose our TotalBoat Table Top Epoxy Resin. And he did! After a few pours of Table Top Epoxy, he fesses up to doing some things right and … Read More

Independence, Boating & Summer Boat Photo Contest

Today is a day to reflect on our freedom. Freedom to think and speak as you like. Freedom to be a power boater or a sailor or maybe a jet-skier or kiteboarder. Maybe you like wooden boats. Maybe you like steel. Maybe you like fiberglass. We love all boats and we are happy to be … Read More

Boat Building with the Neighbors

  TotalBoat Ambassador Richard Honan recently emailed us to share the news of his latest self-built boat, once again completed in his basement. Richard shares some photos and his story of building Summer Wind, another Joel White design perfected by Richard, the neighbors, and TotalBoat! Richard is no stranger to boat building down in his … Read More

Ship Saws and Boat Builds

Many of our salty, sawdust encrusted friends who are building backyard boats have discovered that a piece of equipment that is paramount to a successful boat build is the ship saw. Unlike a regular band saw, which has a table that can be set at different angles, with ship saws, the whole thing tilts while the table … Read More

Video of the Week: Sea Dreamer’s Transom, Frames & A Name!

Today for our backyard boat shop tour, we’re back inside the boat shed of Scott Smith and the Sea Dreamer Project, a home built “Diesel Duck” trawler. Like many of our other favorite YouTube boatbuilders, Scott is finishing up the keel timbers and is excited to finally be adding parts that make his project resemble, well … Read More

How Grain Makes Wooden Surfboards

The Grain Surfboards team have been great customers of ours, buying epoxy and many consumables from JD to help with their surfboard building program. You can order yourself a ready to ride a surfboard, or get your hands dirty building your own custom creation at one of their many workshops. If you like building wooden boats or admiring them, that you’ll be an automatic fan … Read More

Supporting Stevens Institute Students Solar Boat Competition

    When the students from Stevens Institute of Technology reached out to ask if TotalBoat would sponsor their 2nd Solar Boat entry in the Solar Boat competition, we knew this was a great opportunity to help this motivated group of students.  We can see this talented group making it to the finals with their lighter hull and … Read More

Jamestown Distributors 2018 Annual Spring Tent Sale

  Unlike the raw, frigid weather that greeted us for our Annual Tent Sale last year, this Saturday’s event promises to be sunny and warmer, with a chance of SPRING! There are plenty of reasons to come to the Tent Sale, and each year we build upon the successes of the prior year to make … Read More

Jamestown Distributors 2nd Annual Customer Boat Show

Last April, prior to our Annual Tent Sale, we had the thought that our customers would enjoy seeing the fruits of each other’s labors by inviting local boatbuilding customers to our first ever Customer Boat Show. We recruited 5 busy customers, who were eager to show up and share their boats with the crowd that dreary … Read More

Save the Date for the Annual Jamestown Distributors Tent Sale

Save the Date! On April 14th from 8 am – 3 pm, swing over to the Annual Jamestown Distributors Tent Sale. There are many reasons to come for our massive One-Day Event, so don’t miss out. Once again, Louis Sauzedde, our favorite shipwright building the TotalBoat Sport Dory, will be here to meet and greet with … Read More

Acorn to Arabella & The Sea Dreamer Project: The Keels

The backyard boat shops of the SeaDreamer and Arabella builders have been busy with heavy work. And by heavy, we mean laden with tons (literally) of lead and laminated wood pieces. Scott Smith of the Sea Dreamer Project and Steve and Alix from Acorn to Arabella have been doing some hard thinking about what goes under … Read More

Winter Workshop Photo Contest Winners!

Once again we refuse to pick just one winner, thanks to all of you and your inspiring submissions of your busy winter boat workshops. We found three winners that we feel embody what most of you look for in a good winter boat project – a restoration, a cool new build and an inspirational resurrection. Let’s … Read More