Vacuum Bag Sealing Tape
Vacuum Bag Sealing Tape
Vacuum Bagging Release Fabric

Vacuum Bag Sealing Tape


High-quality, high-tack vacuum bag sealant tape produces an airtight seal between the vacuum bag and the laminant. Conforms easily around difficult angles to patch or prevent small leaks. Sold in a ½" wide x 25' roll.

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Mastic sealing tape provides an airtight seal between the bag and the mold around the perimeter of the mold. Tape may also be used to seal the point where the manifold enters the bag and to repair leaks in the bag or plumbing. The better the airtight seal between the mold and bag material, the smaller the pump you’ll need. Poor seals, or material which allows air leaks, will require a larger capacity pump to maintain vacuum pressure.

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