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TotalShine Finishing Compound


This premium finishing compound removes light gelcoat oxidation, fine sanding scratches, and swirl marks. It produces a high gloss finish ready for wax. Step 2 in our comprehensive marine polishing system that removes oxidation, restores color and shine, and ensures long-lasting protection.

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  • Finishing compound used after rubbing compound
  • Restores the original gelcoat color and leaves the surface polished to a high shine
  • Removes fine sanding scratches & swirl marks. Works well on faded or neglected gelcoat.
  • Easy to apply to the surface by hand, then remove with a variable speed buffer/polisher and a high-quality wool compounding pad
  • Contains no wax or silicone; use before waxing
  • An excellent pre-wax treatment
  • Size: 16 fl. oz pint

Time to bring back the shine

TotalShine’s fine cut abrasive polishing agent removes swirls and fine scratches. For badly neglected gelcoat or paint, you should first use a more aggressive compound like TotalBuff. On newer boats or those with only light oxidation, you can often skip the rubbing compound. Totalshine produces a high-gloss wet look finish when used with a polisher and good wool polishing pads. Because this is a pure polishing compound, it contains no wax or silicone. Follow up with a good wax and you are ready to hit the water.

The TotalBoat 3-Step Polishing System

We’ve developed the same type of multi-step system professional boatyards use. TotalShine is step two in our 3-step system, preceded by TotalBuff to remove heavy oxidation, and followed by TotalBoat Premium Boat Wax last for extended protection (both sold separately).

Step Product Description
1. Compounding TotalBuff Removes heavy oxidation and scratches; restores color.
2. Finishing TotalShine Further restores color; provides a glazed, high-gloss finish.
3. Waxing Premium Boat Wax Deepens the shine and provides extended protection against UV radiation, oxidation, dirt, and salt.

TotalBoat TotalShine Marine Finishing Compound SDS

Frequently‌ ‌Asked‌ ‌Questions‌ ‌

Is TotalShine a rubbing compound?

No, TotalShine is a finishing compound to be used after rubbing compound or to address minor oxidation that does not require the use of rubbing compound. For severely faded gelcoat, we recommend starting with TotalBuff.

Does it remove stains?

No. TotalShine removes fine sanding scratches and swirl marks. Use a stain remover like White Knight Fiberglass Stain Remover to remove stains without damaging gelcoat.

Will TotalShine Polish restore oxidized gelcoat?

An oxidized surface may restore to some degree with polishing but still leave an uneven color due to fading. The more oxidized your hull is, the more you need to polish in order to get back to the original color.

What is the difference between TotalBuff and TotalShine?

TotalBuff is a rubbing compound that removes heavy oxidation and restores the hull’s original color. It’s the first step in our three-step buffing system. TotalShine is a finishing compound that is applied after TotalBuff to further restore color, and get a glossy, bright finish.

What is the difference between TotalShine and TotalBoat Wax?

TotalBoat Wax is the final step in the buffing system and is applied after TotalShine. The wax seals and protects the finish to maintain the glossy look, and provides extended protection against UV radiation, oxidation, dirt, and salt.

Can TotalShine Marine Polishing & Finishing Compound be used to polish paint or varnish?

TotalShine can be used to polish both cured paint and varnish.

Should it be applied by hand or with a buffer?

You can apply TotalShine to the surface by hand, then remove it with a variable speed buffer and a wool pad.

How do you use TotalShine?

Before beginning, make sure the surface is clean and wax free. Do not apply in direct sunlight to avoid it drying out. Begin by pouring TotalShine into a cup. Use a paintbrush to apply TotalShine to the surface, working a 2×2 area at a time. Then, buff it down with a variable speed buffer with a wool pad.

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