Premium Foam Brushes

Premium Foam Brushes


Disposable foam brushes produce a smooth, even finish when applying varnish, stains, enamels, latex, and oil-based paints. Available in 4 sizes. Sold by the box.

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Our premium foam brushes are made better to last longer, but are still priced to be used and then tossed.


  • Quality construction that holds together well, so the foam won’t slide off the handle in the middle of a project
  • Beveled, dense foam heads produce a smooth finish with no brush marks
  • Great for a number of boat, wooodworking, household, and craft projects
  • Priced to be used and disposed, saving cleanup time and hassle
  • Do not use with lacquer or shellac, as these finishes dissolve foam

Note: 1″ & 2″ brushes are sold 48 brushes per box. 3″ brushes are sold 36 brushes per box, and 4″ are sold 24 brushes per box.