TotalBoat Epoxy Coaster Quart Kit
TotalBoat Epoxy Coaster Quart Kit
Epoxy Coasters Project Kit
Epoxy Coasters Project Kit
Epoxy Coasters Project Kit
Epoxy Coasters Project Kit
Epoxy Coasters Project Kit
Epoxy Coasters Project Kit
Epoxy Coasters Project Kit
Epoxy Coasters Project Kit

Epoxy Coasters Project Kit


Project-ready epoxy coaster kits contain TotalBoat High Performance Epoxy & Hardener, reusable silicone molds, mica powder pigments, alcohol ink pigments, mixing tools, and design ideas that make it easy and fun to create dazzling coasters. This complete kit saves you $50 over purchasing items separately!

Note: Due to pandemic-related supplier shortages, plastic syringes are not available or included with kits.

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This easy-to-use DIY epoxy coaster kit provides tools and inspiration to create functional works of art so pretty you won’t want to cover them with drinks. Personalize each coaster with embedded objects or colorful designs that’ll create a custom look for your coffee table, bar cart, or bar top. Coasters have a raised lip to provide added protection. Kit includes resin, hardener, epoxy-safe pigments, reusable coaster molds (square and hexagon shapes, approximately 4-1/2" x 4-1/2"), mixing tools, heat gun, and easy-to-follow instructions. Make them for yourself or make some for your friends, because coasters are a great gift everyone can use!

TotalBoat Epoxy Coaster

Simple Instructions for Creating One-of-a-Kind Epoxy Coasters


Even if you’ve never used epoxy before, you’ll find it easy to follow these simple steps to create your own unique coasters that are sure to be conversation pieces! Click here for detailed instructions.

What You’ll Need:

  • TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters Project Kit
  • Protective gloves
  • A work area protected by plastic sheeting or a silicone pad, to catch any overflow



  • Lay out your molds and materials.
  • Be sure your work surface is level.
TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters Project Step 1: Lay Out Your Materials


  • If your work area isn’t well ventilated, wear a half-face respirator with vapor cartridges.
  • Safety glasses and gloves protect your eyes and hands.
TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters Project Step 2: Wear Proper Safety Gear


  • Measure 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener, by volume.
  • Use the included pumps, or pour to dispense.
  • Stir, stir, and stir some more to mix both components completely.
TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters Project Step 3: MIX RESIN & HARDENER


  • Pour the mixed epoxy into the coaster molds.
  • Slow and steady pouring reduces air bubbles.
  • If you want, now’s the time to embed any objects, such as small crystals or pieces of sea glass.
TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters Project Step 4: POUR INTO COASTER MOLDS


  • Be creative using the alcohol ink and powder pigments to add color.
  • Remember, a little pigment goes a long way!
TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters Project Step 5: ADD PIGMENTS


  • To pop bubbles, wave a heat gun back and forth above the surface.
  • The heat helps bring bubbles to the surface for quick removal.
TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters Project Step 6: POP BUBBLES


  • Wait 24 hours for the epoxy to harden.
  • Remove the coaster by peeling back the mold, and you’re done!
TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters Project Step 7: REMOVE COASTER FROM MOLD

Each coaster has a glossy finish—no polishing needed!

TotalBoat Epoxy Coaster Kit Finished Hexagon Coaster



Get Inspired!

There are so many techniques you can use to personalize these coasters, all that’s required is a little imagination, a willingness to have fun, and a desire try something new! Just remember, as you’re creating your coasters, the top of the coaster is at the bottom of the mold. This means you’ll need to add features upside down to ensure your design is right-side-up when you remove your coaster from the mold! Here are a few ideas to get you started.


TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters: Embedding Small Objects in Epoxy

Casting Items in Epoxy

Embed treasured items or small objects in mixed epoxy to make them appear as if they’re floating or are preserved in a glass-like coaster. If you’re embedding items in the epoxy, seal them first by dipping them in epoxy or by leaving a thin layer on the bottom of the coaster. For this example, we used small pieces of colored sea glass.

TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters - Adding Multiple Colors

Creating Sparkly Bursts of Color

Add intense color and sparkle to your coasters with the included mica powder pigments. Divide mixed epoxy into smaller cups and add a little pigment at a time until the desired color is achieved. Manipulate the design using a wooden stick or use air from the heat gun to move the colors around.

TotalBoat Epoxy Coasters - Alcohol Inks Create a Droplet Effect

Creating Droplet Effects and Translucent Colors

Use the included alcohol inks to get a droplet effect or a translucent colored look. To create the droplet effect, start by dropping the colors you want into the epoxy. Then add white ink drops on top (the white ink is heavier and sinks the other colors). For a translucent effect, add alcohol ink, drop by drop, until you get the look you want.


More Details

  • TotalBoat High Performance Epoxy is a high-gloss, pourable epoxy
  • TotalBoat High Performance Slow Hardener provides extended working time
  • Simple 2 to 1 mix ratio makes it very easy to use—even for first-time users
  • Epoxy and hardener pumps make it easy to get a perfect mix ratio
  • Epoxy self-levels as it cures, leaving a smooth, beautiful finish
  • Reusable silicone coaster molds are ideal for resin casting
  • Protective epoxy coasters are waterproof, beautiful, and durable

Kit Contents

TotalBoat High Performance Epoxy System Technical Data

High Performance Epoxy Resin SDS

TotalBoat 2:1 Slow Hardener SDS

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