clear epoxy primer

Clear Epoxy Primer


This ultra clear epoxy primer features a high-build formula that fills the weave, enhances the texture, improves durability, and seals composite layups using carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar®. Also great as a finish primer for fiberglass or previously painted surfaces. Overcoat with clear urethane topcoats or varnishes.

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  • Clear marine epoxy primer ideal as a finishing primer on carbon fiber, Kevlar, and other cosmetic composite layups
  • Fills the weave, smooths the surface, and seals it in preparation for overcoating
  • Enhances the texture of reinforcement fabrics, and stays clear after curing
  • Provides excellent adhesion for clear urethane topcoats or varnishes
  • Build up to 12 mils wet in 3 hours
  • Easy to sand once cured
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio
  • Apply by brush, roller, or spray
  • Size: Available in a Quart Kit that includes 1 quart Part A Base and 1 quart Part B Activator
  • Each kit order includes 2 plastic mixing pots, 2 10″ wooden stir sticks, 2 2″ foam brushes

The clearest choice for filling and sealing cosmetic composite layups

TotalBoat Clear Epoxy Primer fills the weave, smooths, and seals the surface on reinforcement fabrics such as carbon fiber and Kevlar®. Its ultra-clear formula enhances the attractive look and texture of these cosmetic composite fabrics, with fewer worries about solvent pop. Apply it as the finishing primer on a hand-layup project, or as the first layer in a mold layup. It dries fast to let you build up to 12 mils wet in 3 hours. It remains clear and won’t turn yellow. Primer sands easily, if needed, once cured. Overcoat with UV-resistant clear urethane topcoats or varnishes.


  • Components: Two
  • Finish: Semi-gloss
  • Application method: Brush, roll, or spray; if rolling, use a 1/8″ nap or foam solvent-safe roller cover
  • Mix ratio by volume: 1 to 1
  • Induction period: Allow an induction period of approximately 30 minutes before thinning or application
  • Thinning: TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200 (Brush/Roller: Should not be necessary, but use as needed to improve flow; Spray: Reduce 10% for application and film thickness control)
  • Application temperature: 45-125°F
  • Pot life: 8 hrs @ 72°F
  • Number of coats: 2-3
  • Film thickness per coat: 3-4 mils wet
  • Recommended finish: Urethane coatings
  • Dry time to recoat: 1 hour to 7 days
  • Dry time to sand: 16 hrs (<4 mils dry); 16-24 hrs (>4 mils dry)
  • Cleanup: TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer Reducer
  • VOC content (admixed): < 510 g/L
  • Theoretical coverage: 175-200 sq. ft. per gallon @ 3 mils dry film thickness
  • Thinner: TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200, Quart (sold separately). For thinning, surface prep cleaner, and tool cleanup

TotalBoat 2-Part Clear Epoxy Primer Tech Data

TotalBoat 2-Part Clear Epoxy Primer Base SDS

2-Part Epoxy Primer Surfacing Activator SDS

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