TotalBoat Polishing Kit

Boat Polishing Kit


Complete boat polishing kit comes with everything needed to polish a 20+ foot boat. This money-saving kit gives you a great value and a spectacular shine!

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Popular, proven, and personally recommended polishing system

We created the TotalBoat Boat Polishing Kit to answer the eternal question “What should I use to buff and polish my boat?” We have tested every compound, polish, finishing material, and wax on the market. We’ve tried them on boats from showroom new to hopelessly neglected. We know what works, and what doesn’t. Whether you are attempting this for the first time as a DIY boat owner, or you detail boats for a living, you will find our polishing kit provides superb results while saving time and money.

To heck with supply chain issues, the show must go on – and so must the shine!

To ensure our popular boat polishing kit is available for spring, we’re temporarily substituting 3M and Star Brite buffing, polishing and waxing products for the TotalBoat products backordered due to kinks in the supply chain. We’ve put these substitute items to the test and they meet our high standards for quality and superior results.

Compounding, finishing, and waxing your hull with everything in this all-in-one kit produces high-gloss, lasting results that look like you had it done by boatyard professionals. Restores hull color and removes the oxidation that dulls and fades finishes. Premium wax ensures a lasting shine. Kit includes a powerful, variable speed polisher, polishing pad, adapter, and soft microfiber cleaning cloth.

Boat Polishing Kit includes:

    • 1 bottle of 3M Perfect-It Heavy Cutting Compound (Pint)
    • 1 bottle of 3M Finesse-It Finishing Material (16 oz.)
    • 1 can of Starbrite Presoftened Paste Wax (14 oz.)
    • 1 7″ Variable Speed Angle Polisher/Sander
    • 1 Double-Sided Buffing Pad
    • 1 3M™ Buffing Pad Mandrel Adapter
    • 1 TotalBoat Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

3M Perfect-It Heavy Cutting Compound
      • Greatly improves the look of heavily oxidized gelcoat, restoring original hull color
      • Easy to apply by hand, then buff using a variable speed buffer and a high-quality wool compounding pad
      • Can be used on gelcoat and previously painted surfaces
3M Finesse-It Finishing Material
      • Restores the original gelcoat color and leaves the surface polished to a high shine
      • Easy to apply to the surface by hand, then use a variable speed buffer/polisher and a high-quality wool compounding pad
      • Excellent as a pre-wax application
      • Economical because a little goes a long way
Starbrite Presoftened Paste Wax
      • Non-abrasive formula is easy to apply and remove by hand
      • Dries quickly to a hard, protective wax finish
      • Effectively repels salt and dirt, and protects from oxidation and UV radiation
Variable Speed Angle Polisher/Sander
      • General purpose polisher or light-duty sander
      • Maintains a constant speed under load for dependable results
Double-Sided Polishing Pad
      • Use one side to buff, the other side to polish
      • Extremely fine wool-acrylic blend fibers product a high gloss on paint and gelcoat surfaces
Mandrel Adapter
      • Use to fit double-sided buffing pads onto any standard 5/8 shaft, low-speed polisher

3M Perfect-It Heavy Cutting Compound Technical Data
3M Finesse-It Polishing Compound Technical Data
3M Finesse-It Polish SDS
3M Perfect-It Heavy Cutting Compound SDS
Star brite Presoftened Paste Wax for Boats SDS
Star brite Presoftened Paste Wax Ingredients Disclosure

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