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Building a Carbon Fiber Ripsurf

We’re back with entertaining Friday videos to share with you, and there is no better place to start than in our own Narwhal Labs makerspace where the team put a good old boatbuilding practice to good use: vacuum bagging. Using epoxy resin, carbon fiber, maple veneers, and a purpose-built mold, the team created a deck … Read More

Supporting Stevens Institute Students Solar Boat Competition

    When the students from Stevens Institute of Technology reached out to ask if TotalBoat would sponsor their 2nd Solar Boat entry in the Solar Boat competition, we knew this was a great opportunity to help this motivated group of students.  We can see this talented group making it to the finals with their lighter hull and … Read More

The Ice Man Shreddeth

Today, we welcome guest blog star and TotalBoat Ambassador, Brock Callen. Brock lives on Martha’s Vineyard and sails all over the globe. But his heart thumps fastest when he’s going as fast as possible on the water – be it the warm, wavy kind – or more recently, this hard and icy variety. Read all … Read More

Restoring Vela: Episode 6 – Fiberglassing the Decks

With Vela’s deck attached and the beautiful cabin house sides created, it’s all about finishing the house roof and fiberglassing the decks. Using Thixo Flex Flexible Epoxy Adhesive, Dan and his team bond the house sides to the new house top, leaving plenty of corners that need fitting and finishing. Dan draws on the expertise … Read More

Hydrofoiling Technology | Learning to Fly with Waterlust

Team Waterlust seems ready to try just about anything. Of course we love it when they turn their tools to some fine boatbuilding (as they did this past spring), or, in this case, foil building. Their disclaimer to “Definitely try this at home,” is encouraging for those of us who want to try a little fiberglass … Read More