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Boatworks Today: Andy Miller’s Tips for Fairing Boat Bottoms

Andy Miller is refinishing a little sailboat that is ultimately in need of some paint, but not before a decent amount of fairing work on her underside! Using gelcoat as a filler first, then cleaning with DeWaxer followed by TotalFair, Andy explains the specific uses for gelcoat with wax as a curing layer, and then … Read More

Boatworks Today: How to Prepare for a Fiberglass Repair Job

Andy Miller is beginning to work on a fiberglass sailboat in need of many different repairs, from filling pinholes to repairing crazing and actual holes in the boat. The most important step is to determine your end finish. Finishing with gelcoat will have a process that is different to that of using paint for your … Read More

Boatworks Today: Removing the Transom

After a few quiet weeks we’re back in Andy’s midwest shop where’s he back at work on his Bertram Moppie. Andy is back at the boat transom that he’s wrestling with, and he’s removing more of the core where a previous owner had filled in old inboard/ outboard holes.  Because he will be replacing the … Read More

Adding Non-Skid to Gelcoat With Boatworks Today

Andy Miller is continuing to use his time quarantined in his shop providing extra springtime launch tips for boaters who might also be putting this time to good use. Today he gives some advice on how to add non-skid to your gelcoat. He experiments with a few different ways that non-skid additives can be used … Read More

Boatworks Today: Fairing for Gelcoat Repairs

Andy Miller hopes that every boat will be in top shape for launching this season. Perhaps, like many of us, you have found yourself with some extra time to dedicate to spring prep this season, maybe even some time to address nagging issues that are begging for repair. One such repair that many boaters battle … Read More

Designing and Building Fuel Locker Covers

With a little help from his YouTube friends, boatbuilder Andy Miller has designed the fuel locker covers for his Bertram’s fuel tanks. In a prior video, he asked for input from his viewers about how to best construct the fuel locker covers for his Bertram restoration. Using the Coosa board and some Thixo Flex, Andy … Read More

Boatworks Today: Fiberglassing the Hatches

You watched Andy Miller of Boatworks Today, construct his deck hatches in the last few episodes of Boatworks Today. In this latest installment, Andy fiberglasses the hatches he constructed using a laminate core material, called Coosa – or Airex Board. Using Laminating Resin and Gelcoat with wax, Andy applied multiple layers of 1708 fiberglass to … Read More

Boatworks Today: Making Hatches for the Bertram

Andy Miller has been busy reconstructing parts of his Bertram Moppie, adding strength and removing weight from some vital areas. Today he conquers the best way to template and cut hatches which will fit into the fuel lockers he has built for the deck. Using Coosa Board for the core, Andy constructs the new hatches … Read More

Boatworks Today: Fiberglassing Helm Inserts

Andy Miller is still grinding out the to-do list on his Bertram Moppie restoration. This week you’ll find him buried in the deck of the boat, installing new partitions that help divide out storage and the helm landing area.  Using Coosa Board, Andy cuts the pieces and uses Laminating Resin to apply multiple layers of … Read More

Boatworks Today: Installing Knee Supports on the Bertram

In another informative video from Andy Miller of Boatworks Today, there is much to learn while watching the installation of his Coosa Board knee supports. Fiberglassing is Andy’s expertise, so when he reaches for Thixo Flex to adhere his newly constructed knee supports to the inside of the hull, you know you can count on … Read More

Cutting & Fiberglassing with Boatworks Today

Andy Miller can’t wait to get out on the Lake and get boating, but it will be a while because he still has plenty of work left to do on his Bertram Moppie restoration. This week he gives us a lesson in using Polyester Laminating Resin and goes into why he chooses to use it … Read More

Collective Wisdom from TotalBoat Ambassadors

If you are one of the many customers who are missing our favorite shipwright, Louis Sauzedde, rest easy. Lou is alive and well and working on his next big thing. Lucky for us and for you, we have been working with Lou for years and as such have a great collection of videos he’s made … Read More

Comparing TotalBoat Varnishes With Boatworks Today

Andy Miller knows a thing or two about boat work and marine finishes. He put a few of our TotalBoat varnishes to the test when he compared them to the top-selling brands – and in the end, he liked TotalBoat Gleam best.  Often times selecting your varnish is about brand preference and past experience, but … Read More

Making a Fiberglass Panel with Boatworks Today

Last week Boatworks Today marine repair wizard,  Andy Miller, started a great conversation about which resin system is preferred for fiberglass boat repairs: epoxy resin or polyester resin. His preferred choice is a laminating polyester resin that gives him the option to coat one side of the fiberglass panel with gelcoat. Andy takes us further … Read More