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Szeto’s Stitch and Glue Skateboard Kayak: Will It Float?

We are back in Andrew Szeto’s makeshift boat shop where he is building a wooden stitch and glue kayak.  Andrew glues up the joints and fiberglasses the hull with our High Performance Epoxy.  Then it was time for the moment of truth; will his boat float? Find out in today’s Video of the Week! While Andrew has previously built cedar strip canoes in the past, he wanted to give this particular technique of boat building a go.  What’s going to be really special about this particular boat build is that he is going to be finishing it off with recycled skateboards on top for a colorful pattern and fun personal touch!  As a skateboarder himself, Andrew displays his passion and woodworking talents as he has used recycled skateboards in a variety projects, including the paddles for his canoe, tools and a number of furniture pieces!  

Now that the body of the canoe is stitched together, he begins to glue up all the joints for a strong exterior.  He mixes up some thickened epoxy and applies it to the seams so the stitches can be removed.  After all 300 stitches were clipped and removed from the kayak, it was time to get the hull fiberglassed!  Andrews rolls out the fiberglass and beautifully drapes it over the hull of the kayak.  He then saturates the fiberglass cloth by pouring High Performance Epoxy and spreading it around the outside of the hull with a plastic spreader, one of the most satisfying parts of the process! 

After another coat of epoxy, it was time for the moment of truth; will his boat float?  Watch as Andrew brings the kayak down to his local lake to give it the float test!  Be sure to give the video a like, and follow Andrew’s channel to follow the rest of this build series! Thanks for watching!


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  1. I have made several of these and helped friend do likewise. It costed about $80 bucks and about 35 hours of labor. The boats are a lot of fun! For paddles we used some 1″ aluminum tube with plywood blades bolted to the ends. They are cheap and fun!

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