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Introducing the Scrap Boat Challenge!

When TotalBoat Ambassador Xyla Foxlin rolled into Boston, nearby to TotalBoat HQ and our Narwhal Labs Makerspace, we had to invite her into the Lab to make something awesome with us! We just weren’t sure what that should be, but we really wanted to figure out a way to challenge the ever-talented and uber-creative Xyla to build a boat. In a day. Why not? We had plenty of boat building materials and general building tools and supplies on hand, but thought it might be more interesting to really challenge Xyla with a pile of….scraps.

With the luck of the spin, Xyla awarded her project with a very useful allowance of our Flotation Foam for the build. She also made excellent use of a recycled rubber duck that became the “face” (and wings and butt…) of her scrap boat.  You’ll have to tune in for this week’s video to witness the hilarious events that unfolded in Xyla’s 12-hour window.  Will the boat get completed? Will it float? Can she make it around the [not] very challenging racecourse? Today’s video of the week from Narwhal Labs is a fun look at how Xyla did – or did not – succeed at the first-ever, inaugural TotalBoat Ambassador Scrap Boat Challenge.


3 responses to “Introducing the Scrap Boat Challenge!

  1. I’m about as far as could be from a stereotypical tree-hugger, but even I find this wasteful and gross.

    Scrap boat challenges are a mixed bag. Excessive constraints, coupled with a course that demands nothing of the boat, practically guarantee unseaworthy POSs headed straight for the landfill or burn barrel afterward. It’s no big deal when builders turn actual scraps (headed for the dump anyway) into boat-shaped scraps – especially when they bring families together, interest kids in building and using boats, promote useful skills, etc.

    This “challenge” turned new products and materials into trash – AFAICT, more volume than my family of four produces in weeks.

  2. next time you guys want to throw away a lot of stuff i could use and canot buy let me know it was a fun vido if you just used real scrap

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