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Tips That Stick: Scarfing Planks with Lou Sauzedde

Lou is undeniably very busy these days. He’s got a few boat builds underway with the V-bottom skiff over at the Tips from a Shipwright shop, he’s building the amazing Alden schooner, Evelyn, with his Bristol Shipwrights channel. He’s indulging us in the Tips That Stick series with some tips about using epoxy resin in between all of it and alongside the schooner Evelyn where he’s gluing up scarfed planks using TotalBoat High Performance Epoxy.  Dive into today’s video of the week with Lou and let us know below about other epoxy tips we can lean on Lou to teach us about.


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  1. Great tips. Important tip 1) we learned from Geoff at Two Daughter’s Boatworks was to NOT clamp too tightly or else all of the thickened epoxy can be forced out of the joint, resulting in an adhesive starved joint. Look for the squeezeout and stop there. Tip 2) was that small batches of epoxy and different hardeners (Fast, Slow, Ultra Slow) can be used to manage working time, resulting in less waste. Tip 3) Wear long sleeves and long pants when spreading epoxy, some of us aren’t as precise and neat as Louis 🙂
    EVELYN is one lucky boat.
    Kent and Audrey

  2. Also, note that Lou has spread his thickened epoxy on a palette, like the artist that he is. Even slow cure epoxy will heat up and self-destruct if left unused in a cup for more than a few minutes. The palette allows you to mix up a greater volume by allowing air cooling.

  3. A gentleman boatbuilder, could watch forever and help if allowed. Thankfully the craft is still alive and well.

  4. These Tips really are helpful. Been doing this for a number of years and always learn something.
    Thank You

  5. WHY is he not wearing a protective mask and gloves? Epoxy is lethal and poison for the lungs. Just ask the surviving Goudgen brother who invented West Systems epoxy!

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