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Tips That Stick with Louis Sauzedde

We are really excited to announce that we are again sponsoring our favorite shipwright, Louis Sauzedde, and his many video endeavors. We built the TotalBoat Skiff and the TotalBoat Sport Dory with Lou and the Tips from a Shipwright crew in recent years and we heard our customers say, “more Lou,” so we listened. We visited Lou recently in his Bristol Shipwrights boat shop where he and old friend, Ken Boyle, are building an Alden Schooner from the keel up. We stopped in because Lou called us to tell us he wanted to work with us on epoxy tips videos, and here you are – Episode 1 of Tips the Stick, featuring some little-known tricks from the hands and tools of Lou.  These are tips that Lou himself is concocting to share with you all, from his years and many board feet of experience spreading out epoxy on planks.  Check out our first video in our new series with Lou where he shares tips for using a chip brush with epoxy.

And in case you’re wondering about Lou’s other channels and videos, he now has a collection! Go follow him on his Bristol Shipwrights channel where their latest video was launched a few days ago, on the Tips from A Shipwright channel where Lou is building a v-bottom skiff using TotalBoat epoxy and supplies, of course.  He’s already planning the next great project and you can be sure we’ve signed up to help out! So go subscribe to Lou’s channels and throw a LIKE on these videos to help Lou win all the possible YouTube love! Thanks for watching! Leave a note for Lou in the comments and we will be sure to share.

And yes Lou is wearing the ultra-cool Narhwal Labs made damascus micarta sunglasses … another fun video to add to your watch list!

Tips That Stick: Spreading Epoxy with a Chip Brush with Lou Sauzedde

I'm here at bristol shipwrights today where we're building t...

I'm here at bristol shipwrights today where we're building this beautiful 43-foot alden schooner. Today i'm just going to show you some tips and tricks that makes it a little bit easier for spreading epoxy glue you can't move the glue with that it's too it's just too limber right this is much stiffer once you shorten them up so when i push this down you see it just looks like that when i push this down and looks like that. You can follow evelyn being built on our bristol shipwright's youtube channel you can also check us out on patreon we could really use the support.

19 responses to “Tips That Stick with Louis Sauzedde

  1. Glad to see Lou is back. Lets build another small inexpensive runabout that we all can enjoy.

  2. Restoring 1967 27′ chris craft sports express. Working with Epoxies, fiberglass and plywood. Emc quantum topcoat. Thanks for all your help.

    1. Mike, stop being so short sighted,
      Lou is obviously promoting the shades for a good reason, maybe even getting a shilling by way of A commission ??? you can bet he’ll put that to a good cause too.
      GOOD LUCK to him in eking out a few bob any way he can.
      A great character and a very talented craftsman.
      Stu UK

  3. I’ll keep this short…I like all of Lou’s video’s, however, when I saw him with sunglasses on his tag for this new section, I almost laugh, then it I remembered again why Larry Pardey ask me “why do people wear sunglasses in phots that appear in important places”…you lose at least 40% of information…If I didn’t know of Lou’s work I might just fly on by without even opening due to this terrible pic of him that you used…I like the scrabble effect, that’s fine and clever, but lose the sunglasses and show off this talented man by not covering his face.

  4. Always enjoyed talking to Lou. Extremely knowledgeable and an asset to the boat building community. I have watched a few of his videos over the years. Wish him well.

  5. I need suggestions on how to prevent bristles from coming out of the brush and getting stuck in the finish. A special Thank You for all of the great info you’ve shared!

    1. Terry, somewhere in TotalBoat video world there is a video that could help you. But, in short what they recommend is to take a box of new chip brushes, place them in a holder like a cardboard box top with a hole for each brush handle. Now you have all the brushes with bristles facing up, mix a thinned batch of epoxy and glue the base of the bristles where they meet the ferrule of the brush. Let it dry and now you have a brush that will shed far less.

  6. Really Guys! “Always wear PPE when working with epoxy” but your demonstration shows none of that. I always wear gloves, long sleeved shirt, (and a mask when I mix in fumed silica). One of the great characteristics of epoxy is its penetration. Into wood is good, but into skin – that’s not good. Epoxy’s so drippy it’s almost impossible to use without getting some on you. There are too many epoxy videos with too much skin exposed – you should be setting a good example!

    1. We always wear PPE and do so in our videos. LOU, however, refuses. So our option is to not work with Lou or to advise to NOT to do as Lou does but as we say. We would rather work with Lou and let you know this old dog won’t learn the PPE new trick. Sorry
      mostly use common sense!


  7. A few drops of “super glue” at the ferrel keeps the bristles in and stiffens them up. Once it dries it won’t interfere with epoxy.

  8. I AM AN 82 YEAR OLD woodworker, not a boat builder, I have helped build wooden bridges over small lakes. But I mostly build furniture from chairs to cabinets to picture frames and outdoor decks. Have done wood projects in MO, KS, TX, and CA. My first projects were as a helper at 12 years old to our neighbor who built illegal fish traps. I really enjoy watching Lou’s tips and find several things that are helpful to wood working that is out of the boat building area!

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