A Mysterious Halloween Carving Project Featuring Troy From Arbortech

A Mysterious Project with Troy from Arbortech

Join us at Noon today for an exciting, and likely very spooky and mysterious Premiere of our Video of the Week!

We’ve met and mingled several times with Arbortech representative and Power Carving Ninja, Troy Conary. He’s come to TotalBoat HQ to give us carving demos and we’ve traveled to many shows where Troy was posted up, carving away nearby to our booth. But his recent visit to Narwhal Labs was something of a mystery and chaos certainly ensued when some meddling kid got a hold of Troy’s power chisel. Troy was carving an entry into his company’s Halloween Carving Contest when he was sidetracked and forced to solve a mystery in order to get back to carving and finish in time for Halloween! 

Check out the Video of the Week this week and hold onto your hats because it gets wacky when Shaggy’s closest power carving cousin, Troy, let’s the chips fly.  He uses the T-Rex Alcohol Inks in a cool way and then seals his masterpiece using TotalBoat’s Gleam Varnish.  When he’s not looking, we’re planning to do more sneaking around and flood his windshield with epoxy resin. Shhhhh…. don’t tell Troy!

Enjoy the video, tune in and participate in the video Premier at noon, and be sure to follow Narwhal Labs on YouTube and Instagram for more hijinks from TotalBoat HQ.

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