Acorn to Arabella: Fitting Hatches and House Tops

Acorn to Arabella: Fitting Hatches and House Tops

Steve and some helpful friends with sailing experience are in the Acorn to Arabella boathouse this week to help determine the best placement for some important parts of Arabella. With the sealed and varnished deck beams in place, they can lay out a few options for placement of the house top, the mizzenmast, and for the hatch and main companionway. Having seasoned sailors give feedback on where these important pieces should go while they can adjust and relocate them is important. The designs have been modified over the years by other Atkins builders, but without a lot of practical sailing experience to call on, Steve looks to experience for direction. Check out today’s video of the week with Acorn to Arabella. Enjoy!

Catch up on past episodes of their amazing backyard boatbuilding journey. She’s looking more like a yacht and the transformation is happening fast now! Tune in for the latest on their journey by following and subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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7 responses to “Acorn to Arabella: Fitting Hatches and House Tops

  1. It is not clear what ties the deck structure into the frames. It surely cannot be just the beam shelf and a few bolts , the wracking forces from a heavy hull will be enormous.

  2. it’s probably to late, but of the boats i know best – ny36, sabre 386, and my great dane 28, i wish i had a slightly bigger cockpit. while Shearwater sleeps 5 and six can sit in the cockpit, sailing with four starts to get a little crowded.

    that said, this weekly progress report inspires and educates me. i can’t thank you enough for your introduction to the Dolpfinite brand of peanut butter!

    i’m curious, did you put anything between the doubled deck beams? and why?

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