Catching Up with Lou Sauzedde: Building the Evelyn Boat

Catching Up with Lou Sauzedde: Building the Evelyn Boat

If you’ve been a YouTube fan or TotalBoat customer for longer than a bit, then you’re likely a fan of our old friend, Lou Sauzedde. We were lucky to collaborate on the video and boatbuilding series, the TotalBoat Skiff and the TotalBoat Dory with Lou in past years, and we are beyond excited to announce that we have found Lou and are signed back up for more awesome boat building content with Bristol Shipwrights, his new endeavor. Lou and an old salty friend of his, Ken Boyle, have taken on the building and documenting of Ken’s classic Alden 43′ schooner that blends modern innovations like plastic frames (Lou’s favorite) and fiberglass floors with traditional materials and unique woodworking techniques. We are excited to introduce you to Lou’s latest endeavor and invite you to subscribe to his new channel and follow Ken and Lou along in their latest journey! You can bet that TotalBoat is following along and supporting their efforts as well!

14 responses to “Catching Up with Lou Sauzedde: Building the Evelyn Boat

  1. Delighted that Lou is back!! I have learned a lot from Lou over the years and, coincidental, I have struggled with resawing so it’s timely.
    Keep it up Lou, looking forward to each session

  2. As a small Boat and Canoe builder I am really excited to see more of Lou and his work. Lou is not only a true Craftsman but a Teacher as well .
    Thank You Total Bot and Jamestown for doing these fine Videos

  3. Great to see Lou back again! Have enjoyed his previous boatbuilding series and I’m sure I will enjoy this new one as well as learn some new building techniques.

  4. lou- i’m pleased you are back. I have a handfull of redevil scrapers fro being a contractor that i still use, and a handfull of carbide scrapers that are awesome for 1/2 hr and can’t be shapened. You’re so right!

  5. Great to have Lou back! Love the low key, unassuming, knowledgeable manner of his explanations. Great Zen for these troubled times. And, we learn boat building too.

  6. Louis just by his nature is a terrific teacher. He doesnt just tell you what to do. He explains why and expertly shows you how. If all teachers were this good we would have the most brilliant and skilled workforce in the world.

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