Making Vinyl Graphics for Tim Sway's Guitar Truck at Narwhal Labs

Making Vinyl Graphics for Tim Sway’s Guitar Truck at Narwhal Labs

You might recall our joy earlier this summer when we had TotalBoat Ambassador Tim Sway on the TB “campus” in our makerspace, Narwhal Labs. He came to us for a video visit to spruce up his mobile guitar store and stage truck with some custom vinyl graphics and TotalBoat Elixir Paint in a custom color made just for Tim. Join us today at NOON on the Narwhal Labs YouTube channel for a fun PREMIER of the video about Tim’s mission to make some lettering for the van. Tim and Jeff, Chief Narwhal, will be joining the premier LIVE and will answer questions and just provide general entertainment. You should go NOW and subscribe to Tim’s channel so you’re notified this Sunday when he releases his video version of this collaboration in the Lab. But first – TUNE IN and Check out our premiere on Youtube today at 12 PM!

If you join us in the Premier, be sure to hop into the chat and let us know you’re there. We would love to know what kind of content you want to see us make! What’s your jam? We want to know! And if you’re close to Rhode Island and have an idea for a collaboration, let us know that, too! We would love to invite a select few into Narwhal Labs for a chance to work together with us and our video team. Narwhal Labs is TotalBoat’s community and maker space with a mission to encourage and support creative building, learning, and experimentation. More information at Make sure you subscribe to both Narwhal Labs channel and also to Tim Sway’s channel. He already has amassed a library of videos about his Jambulance which you can see on Tim’s channel. See you in the Premier!


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