Making Epoxy Resin Stained Glass with Xyla Foxlin at NarwhalLabs

Making Epoxy Stained Glass with Xyla Foxlin

Have you noticed our new makerspace, NarwhalLabs, which has been appearing in many of our posts and stories recently? We invited TotalBoat Ambassador, Xyla Foxlin, to be our first “real” guest in the lab, and she came with a boatload of fun ideas to make something cool with the team.  An avid aviatrix, Xyla settled on making a stained glass piece using tinted epoxy and a super cool design of the Spirit of Columbus. We used the Lab’s Thunder Laser cutter to make the cutout of this special plane, which was the first plane piloted by a woman to fly around the world. (Ohioan Geraldine Fredritz Mock pulled off this feat).  Step inside this amazing new space and watch Xyla create a piece to honor her idol and flex her “making” muscle! Enjoy!

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We are PREMIERING this video on the Narwhal Labs channel today with Xyla! LIVE! Please plan to join us for the Premiere where you can ask  Xyla or the TotalBoat team questions in the chat, hit us up for advice, or just say hi!

We’re going LIVE at 10:30 am. EST today – so tune in. And if you catch this after that time, the video will be there for you to enjoy!

14 responses to “Making Epoxy Stained Glass with Xyla Foxlin

  1. Fantastic. A breakthrough in woodworking inserts. I used to do stained glass and was thinking of incorporating som colored boxes in a line in mission furniture. Now I see this as a better alternative. Wonderful

  2. Xyla’s presentation and project was awesome…and along withe the great editing…a total hit.
    A pdf with materials and tips would be the icing on the cake…thanks for the inspiration!!!

    1. Materials list and written instructions can be found on our Instructables post!

  3. Being a Navy Submariner, I would like to see a 594 class fast attack
    done in this format. Could make look submerged in a blue ocean.

  4. Cool project and a history lesson to boot! Any clue on the type of service companies that would perform laser cutting for fee since we don’t all own one?

    1. Narwhal Labs will be open to the public for only $30 a month to cover maintenance and consumables as soon as it’s safe and responsible to. Our laser will be available to all members. Plus – you could do this with a $100 harbor freight scroll saw! Don’t let tools limit your own creativity.

  5. Obviously talented, and good demonstration of products. But, please lose the Middle School antics.

  6. Please keep the Middle School antics… whatever they are. Xyla is fun to watch. Great personality. Good pacing. What’s to not to like?

    Better than a talking head droning on or someone pontificating.

  7. Nice job Xyla on this project! It came out great and enjoyable to watch.
    A lot good tips here too like the importance on mixing epoxy and mixing the sides and bottom of the cups. Yes patience is a virtue.
    The story behind the story about the Ohio woman aviator was interesting and exciting.
    I’ll have to look her journey up. Thanks for sharing.

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