Acorn to Arabella - Removing the Molds from The Hull

Acorn to Arabella: Removing the Molds

It was a tense, but exciting moment for backyard boatbuilder, Steve Denette and his crew. In today’s episode, they get to the long-anticipated step of removing the molds from Arabella. This step was celebratory when the hull stood taught without her molds installed. Now the team can install knees and finish planking with a clear view from stem to stern, and she’s looking sharp! The boat build is moving along quickly and progress will be more visible and rewarding as they close in on adding important structural pieces that make this project a series to follow.

7 responses to “Acorn to Arabella: Removing the Molds

    1. it’s up there in “series to follow” but here it is again for easy reach!

  1. The view from stern to stem inside is amazingly beautiful. Congrats on a fine piece of work (artwork too)

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