Boatworks Today: Andy Miller Removes The Boat Transom

Boatworks Today: Removing the Transom

After a few quiet weeks we’re back in Andy’s midwest shop where’s he back at work on his Bertram Moppie. Andy is back at the boat transom that he’s wrestling with, and he’s removing more of the core where a previous owner had filled in old inboard/ outboard holes.  Because he will be replacing the I/O’s with outboards, the boat transom needs some added strength and he’s digging into doing this repair the right way. Removing as much of the compromised core as possible will ensure a solid boat transom that is plenty strong for years to come. Enjoy!


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  1. The wood that he is pulling off seems in good condition. I would have cut some layers of wood toe fill up the old heckdrive holes and place a large marine plywood on the in and outside and cover that all with some layers of Polyesters or Epoxy and glass fiber . Less work , more good material and less money….

  2. Nice I m think you make good job so I have a liter tip get the hammer drill on Home Depot and you make more easy that job .

  3. There are not a lot of people that will take on a project of that size. I have a 32′ that I stripped to stringers and had two new 383 Magnum EFI install years back but has not made it to the water yet because the interior needs to be put back together and mostly rebuilt since I totally changed the inside design. Life keeps getting in the way so I have not been able to work on it now for a couple years due to multiple issues like a detached retina and major house project that had to be done. One big house project left and then I will probably have some time to get back on it. I don’t know how much damage has been done by sitting and I hate that two brand new engines haven’t been run now in five years. Luckily the were put to bed correctly, but I worry about humidity and such. Won’t know on that till we know. If they turn over, I assume they will be ok. Good luck on your big project there. Replacing the firewall is a big job and I was sad for you when you hit the decking issue. We had to replace the stringers in my engine bay because the engines had a different spacing from the two straight 4’s that were in there from the factory. I enjoy watching your projects. Keep it up…

  4. i have Total Boat Tabletop Elixer. I poured a Vanity Top Monday July 6 and today – 4 days later it is still sticky. how can I fix it?

  5. i have Total Boat Tabletop Elixer. I poured a Vanity Top Monday July 6 and today – 4 days later it is still sticky. how can I fix it?

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