Installing Knee Supports on the Bertram Moppie with Boatworks Today

Boatworks Today: Installing Knee Supports on the Bertram

In another informative video from Andy Miller of Boatworks Today, there is much to learn while watching the installation of his Coosa Board knee supports. Fiberglassing is Andy’s expertise, so when he reaches for Thixo Flex to adhere his newly constructed knee supports to the inside of the hull, you know you can count on Thixo to become part of your boatbuilding and repair arsenal. He uses this thickened epoxy in a tube as a convenient application in a narrow area. Later, he combines our High-Performance Epoxy and Silica for another use of thickened epoxy, in yet another form. But as he’s known to do, he explains his resin choices, likely already anticipating the echos of those who wonder why it’s not a job for polyester resin. Wonder no more! Watch today’s video and learn from the Wizard from Wisconsin!



3 responses to “Boatworks Today: Installing Knee Supports on the Bertram

  1. Great ideas and methods. Learned a lot for my future repairs on board my 47’ Chris Craft Commander. Year built 1971. Good idea for the use of garbage bags.

  2. Caution with using epoxy to full bond the knees to the hull. The hull sides are so thin on the B25 that you have very likely created a print thru issue (hard line will show on outside, especially with darker paints). Probably better to 1) skip the thickened epoxy, 2) leave a gap between your knees and the hull sides (touch only at top and bottom), and 3) use wide glass layers to secure the knee to the hull. I have print through issues on my B25 hull after employing basically the same procedure detailed in this video (years ago). It’s not the end of the world, but you can avoid print thru issues by not creating a hard, thin bond line, and instead use very wide glass strips to distribute the boning force over a large area.

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