2019 Winter Workshop Photo Contest Submissions

2019 Winter Workshop Photo Contest Submissions Album

In our post a few Fridays ago, we shared our Photo Contest winners with you. And with a resounding “WHY???” you asked, must we post the photo album on our Facebook Page. The simple answer is that this blog space doesn’t do a good job of sharing photo albums. Sharing them on Facebook widens the audience, but when we hear that leaves some of you out, then that’s no longer a solution. We could have explained that you do not need to be a Facebook subscriber to see the album. You can see all the photos without entering any information – give it a try! So a duplicitous, but hopefully satisfying album, is posted below. Our 2 winners with Boston Whaler rehabs (by teens) are at the top of the gallery with the many other amazing projects to follow below. Hope you enjoy seeing the photos, and another hearty congrats to ALL who submitted and worked on a great project this winter! 

Our Boston Whaler winners will be at the JD Tent Sale next Saturday, April 13th at our Bristol, RI HQ. Come to the Tent Sale and meet the Acorn to Arabella YouTube Boatbuilding stars, see these 2 restored whalers in person (one is mid-restoration), and check out our well-stocked HQ. We have everything you need to get your boat ready to launch this spring.

Come see us at 17 Peckham Dr. Bristol RI 02809.

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  1. Dave Nyoman – we are both working on Adirondack Guide boats. Let’s talk. Reply here and we can link up.

  2. My son and I just finished our 19 ft skiff based on Lou’s video series. It was a one year project for us. We are out of NH. We watched the series and became interested. We rewatched the series and took copious notes and made sketches. We then constructed and scaled model, then transferred those dimensions to larger scale drawings. We started Aug 2018 and are just wetting her out this week, Aug 2019. We plan to launch Sunday Aug 18. The project really brought my 35 yr old son and I together like never before. We are very pleased with the results even though they are not as precise as Lou’s. We used all Total Boat products with good success – no issues. We purchased through Jamestown Dist. Please forward to Lou that we appreciate all his efforts and skill. We learned a lot as this was our first boatbuilding project. I just retired in 2018 due to Pancreatic cancer – which drove me to complete this long time bucket list item. She’s named “Legacy”. Thank you so very much to the TotalBoat team. Rob and Keith Jackson shiookrj@gmail.com

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