Boatworks Today: Fixing the Helm Station on Bertram Moppie Powerboat

Boatworks Today: Fixing the Helm Station on Bertram Moppie Powerboat

Boatwright and YouTuber, Andy Miller, left a lot of people wondering how he would repair the holes in his fiberglass helm station. He wants to reconfigure the layout of his instruments and electronics and needed to start with a clean surface that would allow him to drill new holes wherever they fit best, without being constrained by an old hole pattern. This is a common problem amongst boat owners as they look to keep up with the latest technology and systems that make boating easier and more enjoyable.  The console is an important spot on the boat and deserves an organized and well-planned layout that will minimize cord clutter and maximize display and driving area. Check out how he gets the holes filled and then fairs it and covers it in Gelcoat so it can be treated as a blank canvas for a new layout.


8 responses to “Boatworks Today: Fixing the Helm Station on Bertram Moppie Powerboat

  1. Nice work Andy!
    Have you ever tried doing it in reverse?
    On a flat surface, I make a mold board (with routered radiuses, mold release, etc.) and apply gelcoat and exterior layups to the board and press them into place (screws or clamps.) Then add the interior layups after the exterior cures. The big advantage is that there is little fairing work needed on the exterior surfaces because you start with a dead flat surface and relatively clean radii, and since the interior generally doesn’t matter, it can be just rough sanded to knock down glass edges. The same method works well with single radius (cylindrical) surfaces and a flexible mold board.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the really informative videos. Wondering what the motorised torture board is that you used for sanding? Also any reason you don’t use vinylester resin?
    Thanks in advance

  3. Helpful video. Any tips for mixing poly laminate resin and MEKP as quick and efficient as you did? What types/weights of glass used? Thanks.

  4. For holes larger that screws, say 1/2″, can one use a dowel as a plug and epoxy that in leaving a little depth for gelcoat over on the top surface?

    PS- Great videos as usual!

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