2019 Winter Workshop Boat Photo Contest Winners Announced

2019 Winter Workshop Boat Photo Contest Winners Announced


Congratulations to 2 young customers who are on a mission.  Glenn Sawyer, Jr. (age 14) and Matthew Strauss (15) are both winners of our 2019 Winter Photo Contest. Both teens have taken on 13-foot Boston Whaler restorations which is arguably the dream of any young mariner. Read below about their restoration efforts and how they were able to manage boat work and a busy teen schedule. When they are blasting around their respective harbors this summer, all the time spent under the boat will be a very distant memory in their sharp-looking, newly restored Boston Whalers.

Fourteen-year-old Glenn Jr. and his father, Glenn, worked tirelessly this winter restoring the old 1958 hull to its former glory. The 13-Foot Boston Whaler is often an entry model for young mariners, and we loved the father-son collaboration on this project. Glenn Jr. purchased the boat himself and counted on his father’s help to get the restoration done. Of course, the duo gives the Total Tech Team plenty of credit for help along the way; calling in for help with tough problems or reassurance on product use and application.  Congratulations to the Sawyers!

Matthew Strauss’ 13′ Boston Whaler Project below, has kept him busy this winter. Matthew used many TotalBoat products on this boat (can you spy the perfect WetEdge Topside Paint in Boston Whaler Blue?) and writes  “It has helped much more than you can imagine. This is my first restoration and without your products, it would not be possible because of the time that it saves, I live in New York and I am 15 years old and having to deal with high school, basketball and many other activities that put this project off. I am planning on being able to make some money off of this boat and eventually making a business off of the money I make, I am doing very good and have gotten to the painting which I got from your company.

Check out all of the amazing entries below from our Facebook album of our amazing (and amazingly busy and handy) customers. It’s a testament to the boating DIY community that not all upkeep and upgrades need professional help. Most boat owners can tackle basic projects and repairs with a little help at the end of the phone. Often times a friend can lend a hand or give advice, but that’s not always the case. And we know that, so we work hard to have solutions for most products and problems. Lean on us – we’re here to help you succeed and get out on the water!

What's going on inside your workshop this winter? Send us your submissions with a full caption, your name and JD account…

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17 responses to “2019 Winter Workshop Boat Photo Contest Winners Announced

  1. I am 58 and just starting on my 1971 13’ Sport restoration now. I hope it comes out 1/2 as well as your 2 winners’ did!

  2. I could not see any of the 130 pictures which are on Facebook. Too bad. I do not have Facebook, since I believe Facebook plays fast and loose with their clients’ security.
    I am not alone.
    I am disappointed

  3. Wow!!! What spectacular work! These guys should be very proud of themselves. We’ll be sure to save when they go flying by!

  4. Agree with Steve- Why use Facebook? Why delegate this marketing, this community to others? Jamestown is your business, and a very good one. I am an enthusiastic weekend warrior craftsman and long time loyal customer. But I do not use facebook.
    I would have loved to see these projects.

  5. Again I’am one that doesn’t trust FB security. But I too will be starting my 130 Sport. She is tired. And needs love. The wood might need replacing if it’s beyond resurfacing and prep work. The inside repainted. And the outside also. Keep me informed on a list of products to completed the project.

  6. Agreed on Facebook. Like many other people, I cancelled my account after they showed complete disregard for our democratic process in the last election, so I’m able to look at the gorgeous, I’m sure, photos. Perhaps you can find another venue? Some people use Smugmug?

  7. Great job! Keep your boat restoration as a fun part of your week. Make it a hobby, not a job while you focus on your education.

  8. Really nice job! Continue to acquire new skills and polish the ones you now have.
    P.S. I don’t use Facebook either now or in the future

  9. Mark me down as another non-facebook participant. I too am disappointed with your choice to showcase facebook with your photos.

  10. I agree with your comments, I have cancelled FB also, for security reasons. I like your company and support for customers, I just don’t like FB !!

  11. Sorry to see that you must use Facebook to view other projects.
    Do not use it and will not use it in the future.
    Please post pictures elsewhere
    Thank you

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  13. Ask [nicely] and you shall receive:

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