Steam Bending and Installing Frames on the Arabella

Steam Bending and Installing Frames on the Arabella

Alix and Steve are building Arabella in their backyard and it’s no small task. They’re arguably at one of the most critical stages of their build, steam bending and installing frames, and like all the other tasks they take on, they have done serious research in advance.  Because this is such a monumental moment in the construction of Arabella, their Atkins ketch, Alix and Steve decided to get into the nitty-gritty about the whys and hows of their bent frame construction. 

Follow the adventures of these green boatbuilders on the Acorn to Arabella YouTube channel. 

TotalBoat is proud to support these ambitious guys and a recent visit to their compound confirmed that these two are the real deal.

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  1. Wonderful film…Bravo Zulu….clear and well narrated. Should make this a high school tech course; surely would interest some in tech careers.

  2. I remember reading in Yankee Magazine that Old Timers would bend or kick over hardwood saplings and wait for them to grow into curved trees. Often they would harvest curved lumber that their Fathers or Grandfathers kicked over. In the article they were making farm sleds.

    1. I wish my ancestors had known I was coming and had bent some oaks for me!
      I’ll have to settle for acres of forest grown oak to choose from =) We are truly lucky in the timber department and that is due to past generations maintaining it for future generations. I am very thankful!

    1. He makes appearances every now and again. He does not like loud machines so does not spend any time in the boathouse.

    1. She is an Atkin Stormy Petrel, which is a gaff rigged Atkin Ingrid.
      37’6″ on deck, 32′ on the water, 11’4″ beam and will displace roughly 25,000 pounds dry and empty.
      Very few have heard of Stormy Petrel but the Ingrid is fairly well known. The hull is the same. You can read about and see pictures of her on the Atkin site.

  3. I have seen all 64 videos, some more than once. The last was steam bending and installing the midship frames. I look forward to seeing the bow and stern frames done, and the floor timbers, clamp, and deck beams installed. When I was Alix and Steve’s age, I had a dream of building a 75′ schooner, but never had the time, money, location, or machinery to ever begin. I admire their dedication, drive, and passion to see this project through to its successful conclusion. I live on Long Island, NY, and just may make a trip to Granby sometime.

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