Fixing a Transom on a Boston Whaler With TotalFair Fairing Compound

Fixing a Transom on a Boston Whaler With TotalFair Fairing Compound

We were thrilled to hear that YouTubing boat repair superstar, Andy Miller, has decided that making his videos full-time is the new direction for Andy’s “Boatworks Today” YouTube channel.  In this recent video, Andy shows us how he completed the repair on the Boston Whaler patrol boat he has been working on. He is close to finishing the transom replacement when he tires of the extra work being made by pinholes from another fairing system and turns to our TotalFair filling and fairing compound to help him finish the job right.  Check out Andy’s transom repair on this older Whaler!

Andy’s methods are straightforward and well explained. His new mission is to use his simple formula to help boat owners tackle a lot of these daunting repairs themselves with the help of his how-to videos. His new plan for the channel and his business is based around work he will be doing to a classic 1972 Bertram Moppie 25-foot runabout that needs upgrades and repairs. No longer are his videos dependent on the projects brought to him by customers – he will now dictate his content based on rehabbing cool older boats and some cult classics – like his older Bertram. This gives him complete control over the project and the videos and will enhance his content for all of us. And if you fall in love with a boat Andy is working on, he plans to have the boats for sale.

So tune in to Andy’s channel, subscribe to get his latest videos when released, and let us know what you think about the Boatworks Today repair videos. We think they are a great asset for every boat owner who likes to try getting repairs and upgrades done in their own shops and we hope you agree! Thanks for watching.

4 responses to “Fixing a Transom on a Boston Whaler With TotalFair Fairing Compound

  1. I’ve been watching Andy’s videos for years and anytime I have a question about how to repair our youth sailing program’s boats the first place I go is to his website. The second-place is to Jamestown to buy product.
    Jamestown’s Total Boat line is high-quality at a reasonable price. The fact that Andy is endorsing Total Boat speaks volumes to the quality…. i’m glad to see 2 great resources teaming up.
    Rick Clancy/CPYC Youth Sailing Program
    Winthrop, MA

  2. Hi,
    A couple of quick technical questions: what thickness can you build up safely with fairing compound? If using gel coat as finish what thickness do you like?

  3. You might note that Total Fair can be sanded in 3 hours. Custom mixes of epoxy and fillers are not ready that fast. I too am a believer in Total Boat Total Fair.

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