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Restoring Vela: Gone Sailing – The Final Episode

We can’t help but reflect back on this time last winter when the Graves Constellation, Vela was undergoing a full restoration in the TotalBoat Workshop. It was an impressive undertaking with a highly skilled team, and being able to witness it and document the project was both educational and inspirational for us, and we hope for you as well.  Breathing new life into an older, fiberglass hull is always worth considering when you have the time, the resources and the vision to make the boat beautiful again – and in some cases, like Vela’s, even more beautiful than was ever intended.

If you missed our video series documenting the entire project, you can watch all 11 episodes before watching this final installment which takes you quickly (yes – we crammed a 9-month restoration into 3 minutes….) through most of the biggest parts of this total overhaul. You can always go back to see more detail of each of the phases of the work, by watching the individual episodes which go over these big steps in much more detail.

And don’t worry, Lou will be back soon with more of the TotalBoat Sport Dory construction. In the meantime, enjoy the final Vela Restoration video!

15 responses to “Restoring Vela: Gone Sailing – The Final Episode

  1. Nice looking boat! However you folks need to stop showing cruisers out on the water without life jackets. How is wearing a life jacket going to be “cool” unless companies like yours start featuring their use?

  2. Patrick, If you want to wear a life jacket, wear one. But unless it’s your boat, It’s not for you to tell other people what to do.

  3. I know a group of boys from a Kirby 30 that have had the pleasure of being whipped by her….a fantastic design an as sweet as can be !

  4. Inspirational restoration/upgrade/update to a great little boat. Brings me joy to see investments like this made to bring classics back to life for 50 more years of adventures.

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  6. She’s a good sailer. Great sails. Big cockpit. Was she glassed on the inside as well? How does that work?

  7. Wow! Finally I got a website from where I can truly take useful information concerning my study and knowledge.

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