Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 2 - Sourcing White Oak Logs

Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 2 – Sourcing White Oak Logs

Episode 2 finds Lou at a bigger lumber yard that he refers to as more of a “production” yard where he is seeking more White Oak logs for the TotalBoat Sport Dory. Last week’s band mill was much smaller than this week’s rotary mill where Lou continues to find the perfect pieces of lumber for his build. It’s amazing to hear Lou explain all of the intricacies that go into finding the right shape, size and characteristics for lumber for boat building. This is no trip to the home store or a pre-cut lumber yard. Lou goes over exactly how he wants the log sawn and where and how to spin the log to take full advantage of all its best grain and features.

Lou is excited to build this Dory and make it unique and customized to the features he feels work best after pouring over many of the tried and true dory designs throughout the years. We can’t wait to see it take shape! Lou will be hopping in to answer your questions and comments from time to time – and while it might not be right away, rest assured he reads them all and will answer you all! So leave your comments below and don’t forget to share with your friends!

24 responses to “Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 2 – Sourcing White Oak Logs

  1. TotalBoat has a total winner in Lou. He makes the mundane interesting. Great production work, great pacing and an interesting person make for an irresistible show. Cheers!

  2. Lou is awesome. This is a special view into a truly unique craft, cant wait until the next episode. It makes Friday AM the best!

  3. Always good to see how things are actually produced. I think we would all benefit if more consumer product ‘manufacturing’ let consumers get a look behind the curtain like Lou has with this lumber.

    Gotta love a good origin story! Great stuff!

  4. Lou is so interesting, he explains all that is revenant to his work. Cn’t wait to watch this skiff being built from this step to finish product. He is one of the last bot wrights left, I grew up in the ship yards where yacht’s (Trumpys & Rybovich’s) to mine sweepers in City Island, NY, were built and refurbished.

  5. From all the rough lumber information I have read Lou makes it practical and straight forward. Lou is the best. These videos are the best, great production values concise editing and clear voice over from Lou. The man is a gem among men. This is a white oak driven video not ego driven. What a resource we have in Lou and Jamestown Ditributors

  6. It is always an education watching Lou do what he does. I’m already looking forward to the building part of the series.

  7. Outstanding Video. Lou is one of a kind. Knows what he is talking about.
    He makes the videos so interesting to watch and listen to.

  8. Lou… you have no idea how happy seeing a new project makes me (us!). You are practically a national treasure! Thanks to Jamestown Distributors/TotalBoat for producing these videos… they are the best on YouTube!

  9. Lou how is the log priced? Do pay for the board feet you drive out with?
    Do you take the shorter pieces being made as the log is squared up?
    How many board feet did this log make? Would you provide the price per BF or the total price of the log?

  10. What a joy it is to watch, and even more importantly, to listen to you as you perform what, to you, is work; And to me is absolutely ART.

    Im not a boat builder, but i am a woodworker, my predecessors actually homesteaded on the Coast of Maine (Juniper Pt.), and I own a 29′ Radon fishing boat that I use on the west coast.

    Thank You Lou !!!
    You make my week… EVERY week !

  11. I sure would love to work with you on this project! I’m a plywood and epoxy builder of the “Dynamite” Payton school. It would be great to build a real dory.

  12. Never Saw such a cutting edge video on lumber sawing. Very well explained and Lou is awesome! He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of boat building from the start of picking the lumber to the end applying the finish. can’t wait to see him in action, I learn something every time I watch.

  13. Hello. Enjoy the series w Lou and how it is best as educational , thoughtful and contagious w/o being precious. What I hope for is more emphasis on the care of a wooden boat- does it stay in the water , and if not,how does one cope w the cycle of drying out – . The music, in my opinion does not enhance the work but the opposite- trivial. Thanks for listening Joe

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