Restoring the Vela: Episode 8 - Joinery - TotalBoat

Restoring the Vela: Episode 8 – Joinery

The Vela restoration team is in full swing fitting small details pieces like the cockpit coamings, the bow stem fitting and the vital carbon fiber main beam. The bulkheads are reinforced and new chainplates are installed. These are important jobs that not only tighten up the aesthetics, but are vital to the engineering of a reconfigured rig and cabin house.

With the main beam installed, the team can open up the cabin down below by cutting away some unsightly bulkheads. Follow along in episode 8 where we continue showing you this amazing transformation of a great older fiberglass hull into a Wednesday Night “Pocket Rocket.”

Vela is a classic 1965 Graves Constellation sailboat undergoing a full restoration in the TotalBoat Workshop. The theory is she has a fast, beautiful, well constructed hull that is worth saving. So from the hull up she is all new, reconfigured for near coastal overnighting and plenty of day sailing and “beer can” racing! Meet Vela – soon to be OLD and improved!

24 responses to “Restoring the Vela: Episode 8 – Joinery

  1. You two are embarrassing yourselves and you don’t even know it.
    Turn down the sound or, better yet, turn off your computers!

  2. As always it is interesting. Thank you for that.
    I agree about the music. Turn it down! and PLEASE do not do that to Louis Sauzedde’s next series.

  3. Shop sounds would be much better than the annoying music…slow it down, what’s the hurry, those that are going to view these video’s will want to hear some explanation of the skill or technique involved.

  4. To all above, My mother used to tell us,..’if you don’t have anything good to say,…don’t say anything,…’ I guess I’m the only one that thinks that’s a good motto.
    The series are all great, for those who are actually interested.

  5. Yikes! Buncha cranky fellas at this site. The music’s fine, boys…get over it and learn something watching really nice work being done! I do agree we could go a little slower for those of us that paying attention to the details.

  6. Very nice video. The music does not affect clarity of audio commentary
    in any way! Neither does it add anything of value. Keep up the good work!

  7. I agree with Steve. The music is fine. The project is interesting. I’m glad they’re taking the time to make the video.

  8. I’m surprised epoxy was used for the toe rail bungs & stem head fitting…future repairs or maintenance will be extremely difficult or impossible without major destructive disassembly

  9. This is a good series, and watching this boat come together gives me inspiration to finish my own project. With that said, I would like to learn more from these guys. The shipwright is doing some amazing work and more teaching and instruction would be appreciated.

  10. I think there is a big difference in the intended result of Lou’s video and Dan’s video. Lou is an instructor and great teacher. Dan’s video is more of a documentary of all the steps required in this major restoration. Let each be it’s own thing. They are both great imo.

  11. I appreciate that Total Boat makes these videos available.
    They are all valuable.
    This particular style of canned music and a narrator, is to me at least, far less appealing than Just allowing the craftsmen to speak for themselves.
    You lose so much by speeding up the video and not having the ambient sound as well as craftspeople speaking in their own words about their craft.

  12. This is a pretty good video. I have not watched them before. I would give more information. I really like total Boats Louis Sauzedde’s videos. He does not leave any detail out. I am watching him build a skiff now. About a years worth of videos. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. Get over it guys…. the music isn’t great but it isn’t the point – don’t be distracted. It’s excellent that they shared this restoration with us…

  14. Dump the music (disconcerting competition at best), and have the person who is actually doing the work define the process and I think you’ll be farther ahead.

    We gave up watching the series it so it does make a difference.

  15. Bad music or not it is great seeing a craftsman at work and passing down that knowledge to the younger generations. Keep up the good work!

  16. Excellent series. I suggest blocking the negative video reviewers from your website. This is not a class on boat building, but something that shows the pains taking techniques to do the job. I would pay money to work in the shop and learn the techniques.

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