Restoring Vela: Episode 7 - Applying TotalProtect Epoxy Primer

Restoring Vela: Episode 7 – Applying TotalProtect Epoxy Primer

With Vela’s decks and cabin house on and fiberglassed, it’s time to apply primer and get a look at the new surfaces to gauge how much filling and fairing needs to be done. TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer is used on a number of Vela’s surfaces both above and below the waterline and the team makes quick work of getting the boat ready for some paint pros who will grind and prime Vela’s hull. Check out the progress aboard this 1965 Graves Constellation as she’s restored from stem to stern.

When the new deck was built onto Dan Shea’s beautiful deck beams and carlins, the edge of the plywood deck and fiberglass was pretty rough, requiring some serious grinding and then filling. The new deck to hull joint required some thought and skill, and we show you how they accomplished a perfect result. Pro yacht painters from Itchiban were called on to the job to prime the hull and then the boat went back to the TotalBoat workshop for some more paint and even more love. But you’ll have to wait for the next episodes to see what more can be done to beautify this great older hull. Stay tuned!

10 responses to “Restoring Vela: Episode 7 – Applying TotalProtect Epoxy Primer

  1. I’m so disappointed in the production choices and superficiality of the entire series. The previous series with Lou was something that was beyond just self-promotion. I learn nothing from these clips and find little of interest. No more for me. Put something together you can be proud of and might be of interest to us.

  2. Makes me want to find a project like Vela. And, I’m counting on a ride when she is done! Thanks for the video…. I’m enjoying the series.

  3. I agree with Me. Mauser. This is too superficial to be anything more than an infomercial for Total Boat products. If you had included. Tips from the pros about prep, priming, and laying up the fiberglass, this episode might have had some value.

  4. Thanks to Richard Mauser for pointing out what I was thinking. The Vela series is really amateur work compared to the Notes from a Shipwright videos with Lou.

  5. I enjoy these videos and to me they are obviously not meant to be step by step instructions like Lou’s video but more about what is possible with resurrecting an old boat. Vela is a one of a kind transformation thanks to the skills of Dan, Brendan , Colin and Itchiban.

  6. I restore the older day sailors for a hobby about one a year. Wish I had the facilities and knowledge we see in these series. Keep up the good work it is inspiring.

  7. I liked the over narration. I think it’s a good strategy. I also liked the introduction of Itchiban, it would be great to see more connections made to the many layers of Rhode Island’s rich boat-building industry, composites, spars, canvas etc.
    This series is completely different from Lou and Halsey’s project. They’re a great team and they’ve been at it for a while. But I’m also enjoying this series. Keep at it!

  8. I enjoy this series. You see the products used and a short narration of the work.
    Lou set the bar high with his technique and step by step details how he approaches his work based on his experiences.
    I look forward to seeing the finish product.

    1. Lou is one of a kind. He really shares his knowledge and then demonstrates the process and the result. A unique individual.

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