Restoring Vela: Episode 6 - Fiberglassing the Decks

Restoring Vela: Episode 6 – Fiberglassing the Decks

With Vela’s deck attached and the beautiful cabin house sides created, it’s all about finishing the house roof and fiberglassing the decks. Using Thixo Flex Flexible Epoxy Adhesive, Dan and his team bond the house sides to the new house top, leaving plenty of corners that need fitting and finishing. Dan draws on the expertise of the composite crew who helps get the job done and Vela is that much closer to completion.

It’s a great time to get to know the team of boatbuilders that Dan has brought to the project. A team of young watermen, Dan’s wisdom is not lost on the already capable Brendan from Waterman Marine or Peter Wisotzkey, an avid sailor and frequent fixer of damaged fiberglass optimist sailboats. Brendan’s composite work is a very valuable asset to the team, and with Peter picking up quickly on the methods being used, the team quickly gets the plywood decks and cabin house roof fiberglassed and ready for the next phase.

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