Bill started out over 23 years ago working on repairing, refurbishing and refinishing antiques in his families antique store at the age of 14. Building, in general, has been of interest for as long as he can remember. One grandfather was a motor builder for Johnson motors and the other grandfather built custom Drag Cars. His Step Father owns an excavation company and working hard has just been a part of his upbringing.

Now a father and stepfather to an 8-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl, Bill is a business owning family man with only one thing on his mind: Making the best possible products for his customers. When the demand for his hobby outweighed his 9-5 job, Bill made the jump to business ownership and hasn’t looked back. He had done builds for Chicago’s best bars and nightclubs, as well as cooperations and homeowners. He makes customers visions become a reality with the intent of creating a future antique himself.

Product and tool innovation play a key role in his business and making sure quality is the best it can be. Bill is always trying to learn and get better and will never consider himself a master of a craft, but tries to simply keep learning as trends change often. He wants his signature for his work to be represented beyond the product itself but also the experience of working with him. He wants you to love what you get and love it for a lifetime.


Bill is an epoxy enthusiast and has put significant time into testing and comparing leading epoxy brands. After all that testing, TotalBoat 2:1 High-Performance Epoxy with Slow Hardener is his hands-down favorite for knot and gap filling and for anything that requires an epoxy that cures in the same day it was poured.”

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