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TotalBoat Ambassador Application

We are seeking organized, ambitious boaters, boatbuilders and woodworkers who already have established, active social media channels and pages to share their projects, stories and TotalBoat adventures with photos, video and copy.

Please fill out our Ambassador application below carefully. It is important to BE HONEST, because we will be verifying your information.

If you do not receive a response right away, it does not mean you haven’t been chosen. There are a lot of factors we look for in our Ambassadors. We don’t rely on number of followers; so don’t be discouraged from applying if you don’t have a large social media following.

Some FAQs about our Ambassador program:

  • Does being an Ambassador (BA) cost any money?
    • NO! It’s absolutely free! We expect you to spread the word about us on social media and amongst peers, but it doesn’t cost any money.
    • Ambassadors that don’t talk about our brand will be stripped of their privileges.
  • What do I have to do once I am a Brand Ambassador?
    • You have to post about TotalBoat on social media at least once or twice a week, and talk about the brand at your local boat shop, boatyard, with fellow boaters and your own clients and professional peers. No social media outlets? No problem. Send us your images, stories and clips and we will include your work in our own social media and blogs.
      • *The Ambassadors who do the most posting and who spread the word about our brand the best, WILL BE SINGLED OUT. They will be REWARDED with free products and special promos.
  • Once I am an Ambassador, do I get stuff for free?
    • No, unfortunately. Only “high” performing Ambassadors — the ones who represent our brand the best–will get some free product.
      • **Ambassadors will receive special pricing on their Jamestown Distributors account. TotalBoat products will receive the biggest discount.  We will, on occasion, send out samples of new products or products you might want to try on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Any rules?
    • Yes, you can’t currently be sponsored by or promote any other marine paint or adhesive brands. We can make an exception if you work with a company whose products we don’t make or sell.
    • Promotion of any other marine brands could result in being stripped of your Ambassador privileges.

Any other questions, you can send us an email: info@totalboat.com