TotalBoat Tips Videos for Project Success

The TotalBoat team has been busy working on videos loaded with tips to help you succeed with your projects when you’re baffled by unforeseen setbacks. It’s easy to feel stumped when things aren’t going exactly as planned, so we’ve hit up our Tech Team to feed us their most commonly asked questions so that we … Read More

BourbonMoth: Learning To Be a Boatbuilder

It’s ok to laugh at Jason Hibbs, the comical bearded woodworker turned boatbuilder from Oregon. He’s making fun of himself and his lack of nautical know-how as he takes on his first-ever boat build. With a shop full of tools and plans and plywood, Hibbs gets himself well into a drift boat build after only … Read More

Restoring Knees with Acorn to Arabella

Steve and Alix (Yes, Alix is back!) from the Acorn to Arabella project aren’t slowing down with progress on Arabella, the Atkins ketch they are building in their backyard. Steve is applying more of the TotalBoat Wood Sealer and then using a few coats of Gleam Gloss Varnish before putting most of the wood below … Read More

A Mysterious Project with Troy from Arbortech

Join us at Noon today for an exciting, and likely very spooky and mysterious Premiere of our Video of the Week! We’ve met and mingled several times with Arbortech representative and Power Carving Ninja, Troy Conary. He’s come to TotalBoat HQ to give us carving demos and we’ve traveled to many shows where Troy was … Read More

River’s Edge Countertop with Jess Crow

In honor of TotalBoat Ambassador Jess Crow‘s birthday, we bring you an impressive technique that Jess has mastered. It’s also the one year anniversary of TotalBoat and Jess’s launch of MakerPoxy, the artists’ epoxy resin that Jess helped to formulate. It begins with her hand-painted boulders that Jess adds along the shoreline of her beautiful wooden … Read More

Creating an Epoxy Resin Petri Dish with Jessie Jewels Art

    We invited local resin artist Jessie Jewels to come into our new Narwhal Labs Makerspace and share her craft with us. Jessie is a teacher who has a classroom in Warwick, RI where she holds classes and has a studio. She joined us in the Lab to make some epoxy Petri dishes, which … Read More

Spooky Halloween Epoxy Resin Tea Lights

Woodturner and maker Ken Moon had some fun last week making some spooky epoxy resin tea light holders. He grabbed the TotalBoat Tea Light Holder Kit (which also can make some cute little mini planters) and used some of his own pigments, fun sparkles, and some High Performance Epoxy that he had on hand. The included molds … Read More

The Art of Boatbuilding: Fairing a Wooden Bottom

Last week Andy Miller’s video was a great demonstration of fairing the bottom of a fiberglass boat that needs some love. Today’s video from Bob Emser and the Art of Boatbuilding is another look at how to use TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound for filling and fairing, but this time it’s being applied to new wood … Read More

Boatworks Today: Andy Miller’s Tips for Fairing Boat Bottoms

Andy Miller is refinishing a little sailboat that is ultimately in need of some paint, but not before a decent amount of fairing work on her underside! Using gelcoat as a filler first, then cleaning with DeWaxer followed by TotalFair, Andy explains the specific uses for gelcoat with wax as a curing layer, and then … Read More

Acorn to Arabella: Fitting Hatches and House Tops

Steve and some helpful friends with sailing experience are in the Acorn to Arabella boathouse this week to help determine the best placement for some important parts of Arabella. With the sealed and varnished deck beams in place, they can lay out a few options for placement of the house top, the mizzenmast, and for … Read More

Catching Up with Lou Sauzedde: Building the Evelyn Boat

If you’ve been a YouTube fan or TotalBoat customer for longer than a bit, then you’re likely a fan of our old friend, Lou Sauzedde. We were lucky to collaborate on the video and boatbuilding series, the TotalBoat Skiff and the TotalBoat Dory with Lou in past years, and we are beyond excited to announce … Read More

Making Vinyl Graphics for Tim Sway’s Guitar Truck at Narwhal Labs

You might recall our joy earlier this summer when we had TotalBoat Ambassador Tim Sway on the TB “campus” in our makerspace, Narwhal Labs. He came to us for a video visit to spruce up his mobile guitar store and stage truck with some custom vinyl graphics and TotalBoat Elixir Paint in a custom color … Read More

Meet Tim Sway’s Upcycled Jambulance!

When the Tim Sway family literally pulled right into Narwhal Labs, we were excited at the chance to have some fun with Tim as he builds out his dream bread truck. He’s converting it to a traveling guitar store and mobile stage for his New Perspectives Music gig. Sway’s work revolves around taking reclaimed wood (from … Read More

Boatworks Today: How to Prepare for a Fiberglass Repair Job

Andy Miller is beginning to work on a fiberglass sailboat in need of many different repairs, from filling pinholes to repairing crazing and actual holes in the boat. The most important step is to determine your end finish. Finishing with gelcoat will have a process that is different to that of using paint for your … Read More