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Wet Edge Cold Cure Topside Paint


1-Part, high-gloss polyurethane topside paint that flows easily and cures properly in cooler conditions—down to 45°F. Advanced UV stabilizers ensure a long-lasting finish with excellent color retention, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. This easy-to-apply paint is available in our most popular Wet Edge colors.

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Product Description

  • Beautiful, glossy, long-lasting 1-part polyurethane topside paint
  • Apply in temperatures as low as 45°F so you can launch earlier in the season
  • Excellent resistance to UV rays, chemicals, and abrasion
  • Unique formula won’t lift or crack when the hull expands & contracts
  • Brush, roll & tip, or spray above the waterline on wood, fiberglass, and previously painted surfaces in good condition
  • Can be applied to aluminum and steel substrates if prepped & primed properly
  • Compatible with flattening agents and non-skid additives
  • Size: Quart
  • Colors: White, Oyster White (SOLD OUT), Flag Blue, Sea Foam, Sea Green (SOLD OUT), Fire Red
  • Each order includes: Two plastic paint pots, two 10″ wooden stir sticks, and a pair of large latex gloves

High gloss and durability that beats other 1-part marine topside paints cold

Ever wish you could get your topsides painted in colder weather? We do, so we developed Wet Edge Cold Cure Topside Paint to see just how low we could go. At 45°F, Wet Edge Cold Cure loads up smoothly on the brush or roller, flows easily, forms a consistent film, dries evenly, and cures to a hard but flexible finish. Try doing that with a conventional 1-part marine topside paint and you get improper mixing, bad flow, slow cure, inconsistent color, and a viscosity that mimics intertidal mud. Not a pretty picture.

2-3 thin coats is all you need for a long-lasting, high-gloss finish

Wet Edge Cold Cure can be applied easily to properly prepared fiberglass, wood, metals, and previously painted surfaces by brush, roller, or spray gun. And there’s no need for fancy spray equipment to get a gorgeous, professional-spray-job-looking finish—just roll & tip, taking care to brush from the wet edge into new paint. Like our regular Wet Edge paint, this advanced Cold Cure formula has a high solids content so you need to apply it in thin coats so it’ll dry properly, especially in cooler conditions. For best color and finish, all it takes is 2-3 thin coats.

Above 70°F, use regular Wet Edge for best results

For the easiest application and desired results in temperatures above 70°F, use our regular Wet Edge topside paint. Below 70°F, use Wet Edge Cold Cure, because even though its solvent content and viscosity have been adjusted for optimal flow and self-leveling in colder conditions, you still get the same high gloss, color retention, UV protection, and durability as regular Wet Edge. Cold Cure gives you cold weather painting confidence in a can, so you can stop wishing, start applying, and splash sooner.


  • Primers: TotalBoat Topside Primer (for wood, fiberglass, and previously painted surfaces in good condition); TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer, TotalBoat TotalProtect, or TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Barrier Coat (for aluminum and steel)
  • Cold Cure Coverage: One gallon covers 350-400 ft2
  • Finish Sheen/Gloss: >90°, High Gloss
  • Application temperature: 45-70°F; humidity 0-90% (Do not use within 5°F of the dew point)
  • Application methods: Brush, roll and tip, or spray
  • Thinning: Brush/roll – TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100, 5-10%; Spray – xylene, 15-20%
  • Cleanup: TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100 or TotalBoat Dewaxer & Surface Prep
  • Coverage: 350-400 sq. ft. per gallon (approximately 80-100 sq. ft. per quart)
  • Number of coats: 2-3
  • Dry time to overcoat without sanding (minimum/maximum): 24 hrs to 7 days @ 45°F
  • Dry time before sanding: 48 hrs @ 45°F
  • Time until coating is solvent safe: 5 days @ 45°F
  • Time between final coat and partial water submersion: 5 days @ 45°F
  • Not recommended for aluminum and steel without proper preparation, including priming with TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer for the best adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • Not designed for continuous submersion on boat bottoms that remain in the water longer than 72 hours.
  • WARNING: Wet Edge Cold Cure is not recommended as a quick-drying solution in temperatures above 70°F because its flow properties and other characteristics are not similar to our regular Wet Edge topside paint. For easiest application and desired results in temperatures above 70°F, use regular Wet Edge.

WARNING: Wet Edge Cold Cure Flag Blue color can expose you to chemicals including carbon black, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

TotalBoat Wet Edge Cold Cure Technical Data
Wet Edge Cold Cure White SDS
Wet Edge Cold Cure Sea Foam SDS
Wet Edge Cold Cure Flag Blue SDS
Wet Edge Cold Cure Fire Red SDS

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