Vacuum Bagging Release Fabric

Vacuum Bagging Release Fabric


Smooth, tough, finely woven nylon fabric used to separate the breather fabric and the laminate during vacuum bagging. Produces a smooth, even surface ready for bonding or finishing. 60" wide fabric is sold in 2 and 10-yard lengths.

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Product Description

Smooth woven release fabric won’t bond to epoxy; use it to separate breather fabric from the laminate. Excess epoxy can wick through the release fabric and be peeled off the laminate after the laminate cures. It will leave a smooth textured surface that can be bonded without additional preparation.

Features and Specifications

  • Also known as Peel Ply, this Release Fabric peels easily after the epoxy has set
  • Lowers the amount of amine blush
  • Not recommended for post-cure temperatures over 120°F (49°C)

Vacuum Bagging Release Fabric MSDS