TotalBoat TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound 2-Pint Kit
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TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound


This lightweight, two-part epoxy putty is perfect for fairing, filling, and shaping. Color coded components for easy 1:1 mix ratio. Use above and below the waterline on fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel. TotalFair dries fast and sands smooth.

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Product Description

  • Lightweight, 2-part epoxy putty fairing compound
  • Use above and below the waterline for reshaping, filling, fairing, and repairing
  • Works on horizontal, vertical, inclined, and overhead surfaces without sagging
  • No-mess easy-mix color-coded formula dries fast. Easy to sand once cured.
  • Apply to fiberglass, wood, steel, and aluminum
  • Sizes: Available in two-part Pint, Quart, and Gallon Kits. Each kit contains Resin Part A (yellow) and Hardener Part B (blue).
  • 2-Pint kit includes one pint Part A & one pint Part B. 2-Quart kit includes one quart Part A & one quart Part B. Gallon kit includes half-gallon Part A & half-gallon Part B.
  • Each order includes: 1 pair of large latex gloves and 1 plastic spreader
  • IMPORTANT: TotalBoat Gelcoat should not be applied directly over TotalFair or the gelcoat will not cure properly. Instead, apply TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer or TotalProtect over TotalFair, before applying Gelcoat.

Green means it’s ready to go

Ever had epoxy or fairing compound sag or go on like soggy sawdust because it didn’t like how you combined its parts? That won’t happen with TotalFair. It’s easy to see exactly when TotalFair is ready to use. The resin is blue, and the hardener is yellow. Wearing protective gloves, mix the two parts together at a 1:1 ratio. Mix, fold, smear, scrape, repeat. Stop when you get a uniform, green-colored paste. That’s it. No complicated measuring or guessing. Just green. Once you’re green and swirl-free, you’re ready to shape, fill, and fair dents, chips, gouges, cracks, and other unsightly things standing in the way of a gloriously smooth, ready-to-prime surface.

This putty stays put

TotalFair is light and easy to work. It spreads and hangs, staying where you put it. No sagging. Ever. Even overhead, upside down, and sideways. Just pull or feather to a fine edge and a smoother surface.

Creates a smooth, hard, flexible finish

The TotalFair finish is smooth, even, and pinhole-free. Make it even smoother by sanding after it cures. Which is quick — just 3 hours at 80°F. TotalFair has a high tolerance for flexing, especially on the hull. It adheres aggressively, distributes stress evenly, and it won’t crack or break free. To suit repairs ranging from a few to a slew of imperfections, our fairing compound comes in pint, quart and gallon sizes.


  • Application temperature: 50-100°F
  • Mix ratio by volume: 1A (yellow) to 1B (blue)
  • Mixed appearance: Green paste.
  • Work life: 30 minutes @ 70°F
  • Tack-free time: 2 hrs. @ 70°F
  • Dry to sand: Approximately 2-3 hrs. @ 80°F.
  • Sag resistance: >1.0″

Safety Precautions:

  • Wear protective gloves when mixing TotalFair.
  • Wear a proper respirator when sanding.

TotalBoat TotalFair Technical Data
TotalFair Part A Epoxy Resin SDS
TotalFair Part B Hardener SDS

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