TotalBoat Thixo Mixing Tips

Thixo Cartridge Mixing Tips


Thixo static mixing tips ensure the precise ratio of resin and hardener is dispensed, preventing messes or waste. Use with all Thixo epoxy adhesive cartridges. Available in packs of 2, 12, and 60 mixing tips.

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Product Description

  • Static mixing tips provide a perfect application of epoxy adhesive precisely mixed, every time
  • No mess, no wasted product
  • Won’t overflow, even when applied on vertical surfaces, or overhead
  • Different-sized grooves on the mixing nozzle tip let you cut it to get desired bead size
  • Available in smaller packages for smaller jobs, or in bulk for bigger projects
  • For use with Thixo epoxy system cartridges, including Thixo, Thixo LV, Thixo Fast Cure, Thixo Wood, and Thixo Pro

A must for Thixo fans

Every cartridge of Thixo includes 2 mixing tips. But what if you need to run different sized beads from the same tube? What if you are working on a larger project? Or manage to misplace one or both of the tips your cartridge came with? Available in packs of 2, 12, and 60, spare mixing tips are inexpensive insurance to prevent project interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Thixo mixings actually do?

In addition to ensuring a neat, even bead of epoxy is dispensed, these tips ensure the correct ratio of resin and hardener automatically. The two components mix inside the tips.

Can Thixo mixing tips be used with other brands of epoxy?

No, Thixo tips are intended for use only with TotalBoat Thixo epoxy cartridges. Even if they fit other brands of epoxy, there is no way to ensure they will dispense the proper ratio of resin and hardener. Do not use these tips with anything but TotalBoat Thixo and TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Leak Sealer.

Are Thixo tips reusable?

No. Because the mixed resin and hardener cures in the tip, we recommend replacing it with a new tip for each use. Each cartridge includes 2 tips, and extra tips are available in quantities large and small.

Can the tips be used with all Thixo adhesives?

Yes, the mixing tips can be used with all Thixo epoxy system cartridges, including Thixo, Thixo LV, Thixo Fast Cure, Thixo Wood, and Thixo Pro.

How can I adjust the bead size?

Mixing tips dispense a ⅛” deep by ¼ wide” bead of epoxy, but the grooves may be trimmed back to allow a larger bead.

How many tips are included?

Each Thixo cartridge comes with 2 tips. Additional mixing tips are available in packs of 2, 12, and 60. For smaller jobs, you can push out the desired amount and mix by hand, and save the mixing tips for larger applications.

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