TotalBoat Thixo fast curing epoxy adhesive cartridge
Thixo Epoxy System Adhesives

Thixo Fast Cure 2:1 Epoxy System


High-strength 2 part epoxy adhesive is both stronger and cures over three times faster than standard Thixo. Ideal for bonding applications & ready for high loads in only four hours. Included mixing tips ensure perfect resin to hardener ratio. 185 ML cartridge fits all standard caulk guns.

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Product Description

  • Thickened epoxy adhesive creates very strong, permanent bonds
  • Sandable and ready to accept high loads in only four hours
  • Each cartridge comes with two static mixing tips that automatically blend the 2:1 resin to hardener mix, with no mess or guessing
  • Trim mixing tips to achieve desired bead size
  • For smaller jobs, push out desired amount and mix by hand. Save mixing tips for larger applications
  • Thixo cartridges fit all standard caulk guns
  • Color: Clear
  • Size: Available in an individual 185 ml cartridge (with 2 static mixing tips), or in a package of six cartridges (with 12 static mixing tips)
  • Extra mixing tips are sold separately

The fastest curing, strongest Thixo yet

Thixo Fast Cure is the strongest (in flexural and tensile strength) cartridge-dispensed, 2 part epoxy adhesive we know of. Use it for bonding applications above and below the waterline, and as an adhesive on wood, metal, or fiberglass. It does virtually anything standard Thixo does, with the exception of filling gaps.


  • Application temperature: At or above 55°F for best results
  • Gel time: 10 minutes @ 77°F
  • Cure time: 2 days @ 77°F
  • Do not use for filling gaps – do not apply over over 1/2″ thick

A Thixo for every job, no matter what you need to bond, fill, fillet, or glue

Not all epoxies work the same. We’ve expanded the Thixo range to suit different applications. Each one is available as one cartridge with 2 static mixing tips, or in a package of 6 cartridges with 12 static mixing tips. Whether you’re a professional or DIYer, our innovative 2:1 epoxy system will provide great results, at a great price.

Product Description For Use On Application Examples
  • Thick, translucent epoxy for bonding, sealing, gap filling, filleting, and tabbing
  • Use above and below the waterline
  • No sagging on vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Gel time: 30-35 minutes @ 77°F
Wood, metal, aluminum, fiberglass, block, brick, concrete, glass, slate, tile, stone, and more Adhesive: Bulkheads, deck cleats, rub rails, gunwales, and seat bases; stitch and glue construction; scarf joints and chine log joints; fillets
Sealant: Seal plumbing, tanks, and hatches; seal end grain
Filler: Fill deck holes where hardware was removed, deck-hull seams, castings, welds, and voids
Thixo LV
  • Low-viscosity, penetrating epoxy for laminating, filleting, and gluing
  • Use above and below the waterline
  • Gel time: 10 minutes @ 77°F
Wood, fiberglass, brick, concrete, cement, glass, acrylic Adhesive: Bond brick, concrete, cement, and composites. Great for filleting.
Sealant: Sidewalks, seams, steps, garage floors, and door frames
Filler: Seams, cracks, holes
Penetrating Epoxy: Laminating
Thixo Fast Cure
  • Stronger and cures over three times faster than regular Thixo
  • Ideal for bonding
  • Ready for sanding and high loads in just 4 hours
  • Use above and below the waterline
  • Gel time: 10 minutes @ 77°F
  • Slightly creamier in color than regular Thixo
Wood, metal, fiberglass, and more For bonding and sealing applications. Not for use as a gap filler.
Thixo Wood
  • Wood-colored formula is a little thicker than original Thixo
  • Cures to a dark brown, wood color
  • Ideal for wood boat construction and restoration
  • Use above and below the waterline
  • Gel time: 50 minutes @ 77°F
All types of wood Stitch and glue bonding, scarf joints, butt joints, seams, fillets, filling holes and voids, sealing hulls and decks, surfboards, and furniture
Thixo Flex
  • More flexible than original Thixo
  • Cures to a buff color
  • Able to withstand the stresses of expansion, contraction, shock, & vibration
  • Use above and below the waterline
  • Gel time: 40 minutes @ 72°F
Wood, fiberglass, metals, glass, ceramics, some plastics, and wet or difficult-to-bond hardwoods For building and repairing wooden boats and bonding parts that are prone to flexing.
Thixo PRO Original formula Thixo in a larger cartridge containing about 2½ times more epoxy Wood, metal, aluminum, fiberglass, block, brick, concrete, glass, slate, tile, stone, and more Use for the same type of applications as Thixo. Thixo PRO gives you more adhesive for bigger jobs and more complicated installations.

TotalBoat Thixo Fast Cure Technical Data
Thixo Fast Cure Part A Epoxy Resin SDS
Thixo Fast Cure Part B Hardener SDS

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