TotalBoat Polyester Finishing Resin

Polyester Finishing Resin


Two-part polyester resin for use as a final or finish coat over laminating resin. It contains wax, and cures tack-free to form a hard, clear finish on fiberglass, metal, and wood. Sand, paint, or apply gelcoat upon full cure. Wet sand and buff for a glossy appearance.

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Product Description

  • Polyester resin cures to a hard, non-tacky finish that can be sanded, painted, or gelcoated
  • Apply over fiberglass, wood, and metal
  • Easy to mix and apply, and sets up well
  • Medium viscosity prevents sagging on vertical surfaces
  • Contains wax to allow it to cure properly
  • Application: Brush or plastic spreader
  • Product Color: Blue
  • Cured Color: Clear
  • Hardener: MEKP (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide), included
  • Sizes: Available in Quart and Gallon Kits, and a 5-Gallon size (resin and MEKP only)
  • Each Kit order includes: 1 QT size plastic mixing pot, 1 10" wooden stir stick, and 1 pair of large, powder-free latex gloves.

Finishing resin for building and repairs

Because it contains wax, TotalBoat Polyester Finishing Resin is typically used for one-coat glasswork or as a final, tack-free, sealer coat over tacky polyester laminating resin coats. It cures clear and hard to resist scratches and staining. Wet sand and buff to a glossy finish, or sand, paint, or gelcoat over. Also known as marine fiberglass resin, polyester finishing resin can also be used for any layer in a laminate that needs to be sanded.

Gel time depends on amount of hardener admixed

The following table indicates approximate gel times @ 70°F. Adjust the hardener level to slow down or speed up gel time. Cooler temperatures may require a higher percentage of hardener than warmer temperature conditions.

Slow Gel Time Medium Gel Time Fast Gel Time
20 minutes or more 15-20 minutes 10 minutes
1 teaspoon of hardener per quart of laminating resin 2 teaspoons of hardener per quart of laminating resin 3 teaspoons of hardener per quart of laminating resin

TotalBoat Polyester Finishing Resin Technical Data
TotalBoat Polyester Finishing Resin SDS

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