Jess Crow - Crystal Clear Artist;s Resin for makers, artists, and woodworkers
MakerPoxy Crystal Clear Artist's Epoxy Resin by Jess Crow - Gallon KitMakerPoxy Crystal Clear Artist's Epoxy Resin by Jess Crow - Available in 4 SizesJess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Live Edge Conference TableJess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Pigmented MakerPoxy Art DiscJess Crow with her stunning epoxy ocean wave works of artJess-Crow-Koi-Epoxy-Table-TopJess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Epoxy Waves Technique on CountertopJess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Epoxy Ocean Waves Cell TechniqueJess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Epoxy Ocean Waves TechniqueJess-Crow-Blue-Vanishing-Edge-River-Table-TopJess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Live Edge River TableJess-Crow-Blue-Bubbly-Epoxy-Table-TopJess-Crow-Holding-Her-Beautiful-Ocean-Waves-CreationJess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Epoxy Ocean Wave Wall ArtJess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Clear Epoxy PourJess Crow Spreading Clear Mixed EpoxyJess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Large-scale epoxy pour

MakerPoxy Crystal Clear Artist’s Resin by Jess Crow


Ultra clear epoxy art resin system preferred by DIY makers, artists, and woodworking professionals. It is easy to use, self-leveling, and produces a glossy finish that will enhance and protect your art projects. It can also be tinted with a variety of pigments that blend and flow easily. Perfect for artwork, furniture, and craft projects on wood, plastic, fiberglass, and metal. BPA-free formula ideal for finished projects with food contact. Available in 8 oz. & 16 oz. Kit sizes containing Resin and Hardener only, and Quart and Gallon Kits that include stir sticks, disposable beakers, and mixing cups.

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Product Description

Jess Crow working on a beautiful headboard
Jess Crow’s epoxy work is a stunning mix of her artistic capabilities, woodworking skills, and her incredibly creative use of epoxy. She’s mastered a water-simulating technique that creates the look of ocean waves splashing on top of her pieces. Jess’s innovative ocean wave resin technique is currently in the resin art spotlight, and she is continuously pioneering new processes involving epoxy and functional art.
Jess Crow Ocean Wave Epoxy Art - Crow Creek Designs
Jess Crow and one of her beautiful resin art tables

“I often get asked “How do you do that?” and told “I’m not at your level, and won’t ever be.” Ah, my friends…that is not correct. I am learning every single day. I draw. I chip away at wood with crazy ideas. I save every single scrap and utilize it – feel it, cut it up, burn it, and mostly ‘waste it’. Yes, WASTE. I am not afraid to have a project not work out, because honestly it never doesn’t work out: I learn from every single one and therefore nothing is wasted.”

As a maker extraordinaire, Jess excels at thinking outside the box (what box?) and enjoys bringing her ideas to the forefront of the woodworking and art communities, with a strong emphasis on sharing and teaching. Jess’s work is a testament to the performance and ease of use of our TotalBoat epoxy line. Her work makes our epoxy even better and we are so excited to partner with her to create MakerPoxy Crystal Clear Artist’s Resin by Jess Crow.

MakerPoxy is made for makers! It’s a high-gloss, ultra clear, scratch-resistant epoxy art resin system ideal for clear coating, shallow pours, embedding, and most art projects. This versatile, UV-resistant, non-yellowing epoxy coating can be used for a wide variety of creations, including wall art, dining tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, headboards, bar tops, and counter tops.

  • Glass-like, crystal clear, scratch-resistant finish
  • Can be tinted with concentrated liquid pigments, opaque pigments, alcohol inks, and mica powder pigments
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio
  • Extended working time is ideal for larger pours – up to 60 minutes at 77°F
  • UV-resistant formula protects against yellowing and fading
  • Low-VOC, low-odor formula is great for indoor use
  • BPA-free formula ideal for finished projects with potential food contact
  • Made in the USA
  • MakerPoxy Metering Pump now available, perfect for dispensing just the right ratio – whether you need a little, or a lot!


Jess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - High-Gloss Ultra Clear Table Jess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Scratch-Resistant Countertop Jess Crow - Crow Creek Designs - Pigmented Epoxy Headboard

How to Use MakerPoxy Crystal Clear Artist’s Resin by Jess Crow

What You’ll Need:

  • TotalBoat MakerPoxy Artist Epoxy Resin and MakerPoxy Hardener by Jess Crow
  • Protective gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Clothing protection
  • Clean, dry, plastic mixing pots
  • Wooden mixing sticks
  • Poly sheeting to protect floor and collect any spillage
  • Plastic resin spreader and/or brush to spread liquid epoxy
  • Hair dryer or heat gun for removing air bubbles


  • Start with a dry, clean surface.
  • Be sure the surface is level before you begin.
  • Place a layer of plastic sheeting under your work area.
  • Put on your disposable gloves and other personal protection, including safety glasses, and make sure your work area is well ventilated.
Jess Crow MakerPoxy Tutorial - Step 1 - Level the Surface


  • Measure MakerPoxy by Volume: Pour 1 part resin (Part A) and 1 part hardener (Part B) into a clean, dry plastic mixing cup.
  • Measure MakerPoxy by Weight:
    1. MakerPoxy has a mix ratio by weight of 100A:84B.
    2. Select grams on your scale.
    3. Place your mixing cup on the scale and zero out the weight.
    4. Add the desired amount of resin (Part A).
    5. Determine the amount of hardener (Part B) by multiplying the gram weight of the resin x .84. For example, if you pour 45g of resin, you would multiply 45g x .84 to get the amount of hardener to add, which is 37.8g
  • To get ready for the next step, have a second clean mixing cup nearby.
Jess Crow MakerPoxy - Step 2 - Measure


  • Stir slowly so you don’t get air bubbles.
  • After 3-5 minutes, pour into a second cup and stir for another 2-3 minutes.
Jess Crow MakerPoxy - Step 3 - Mix the Components Thoroughly


  • Pour mixed epoxy into separate smaller mixing cups.
  • Add pigments, as desired, and stir thoroughly to combine.
Jess Crow MakerPoxy - Adding pigments


  • (Optional) Use a brush to apply a thin seal coat of clear, mixed epoxy.
  • Delicate objects that may be damaged by epoxy (e.g., photographs) may need to be sealed in a clear coat before embedding.
  • Pour the mixed MakerPoxy onto the surface.
Jess Crow MakerPoxy - Step 5 - Pour


  • Bubbles will rise to the surface.
  • Wave a heat gun quickly back and forth across the epoxy for a few seconds to pop air bubbles.
  • Keep pouring and overcoating, as desired.
  • Allow to cure. Full cure is 5-7 days.
Jess Crow MakerPoxy - Step 5 - Pop Bubbles


More Details

  • 100% solids, high-build, high-gloss, pourable epoxy
  • Apply to properly prepared wood, metal, stone, ceramic, and concrete surfaces
  • Simple 1 to 1 mix ratio, by volume
  • Self-levels as it cures
  • Kit Sizes: Available in four sizes – 8 oz. Kit (4 oz. MakerPoxy Epoxy Resin Part A, and 4 oz. MakerPoxy Epoxy Hardener Part B), 1 Pint Kit (8 oz. MakerPoxy Epoxy Resin Part A, and 8 oz. MakerPoxy Epoxy Hardener Part B), 1 Quart Kit (1-Pint MakerPoxy Epoxy Resin Part A, and 1-Pint MakerPoxy Epoxy Hardener Part B). and 1 Gallon Kit (½-Gallon MakerPoxy Epoxy Resin Part A, and ½-Gallon MakerPoxy Epoxy Hardener Part B)
  • BONUS! Each Quart Kit or Gallon Kit order includes: (10) stir sticks, (10) 50mL disposable plastic beakers, and (5) 8 oz. plastic mixing cups. NOTE: The 8 oz. Kit and the 1 Pint Kit contain resin and hardener only.

Not sure how much MakerPoxy you need? Try our simple epoxy calculator to determine how much resin your project will require.


  • Application temperature: Apply only in temperatures between 70-80°F. Warm conditions are critical for success.
  • Mix ratio by volume: 1 part resin to 1 part hardener
  • Mix ratio by weight: 100 parts resin to 84 parts hardener
  • Seal coat application: Brush
  • Flood coat application(s): Pour on and spread with an epoxy spreader. Flood coats should be no thicker than 1/8″-1/4″ each.
  • Working time: 60 minutes @ 77°F
  • Tack-free time: 4-6 hours @ 77°F
  • Time to sand (optional): 8-10 hours @ 77°F
  • Fully cured: 5-7 days
  • Product Color: MakerPoxy Epoxy Resin (clear), MakerPoxy Hardener (clear)
  • Cured Color: Clear
  • Coverage for 1-Gallon Kit of mixed MakerPoxy: Roughly 12 sq. ft. @ 1/8″, 6 sq. ft. @ 1/4″
  • UV-resistant formula is not intended for outdoor applications with prolonged exposure to sunlight. For superior UV protection, durability, and clarity, overcoat cured MakerPoxy with TotalBoat Halcyon Clear Rugged Gloss Varnish.
  • Do not place items hotter than 110°F on the cured surface, or it will become distorted and discolor.

TotalBoat MakerPoxy by Jess Crow Technical Data & Instructions
MakerPoxy Epoxy Resin Part A SDS
MakerPoxy Epoxy Hardener Part B SDS

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MakerPoxy Art Resin UV resistant?

Yes. The UV-resistant formula protects against yellowing and fading! For even better UV protection, durability, and clarity, overcoat cured MakerPoxy with TotalBoat Halcyon Clear Rugged Gloss Varnish.

Can I place hot items on the cured surface?

Yes, but do not place items hotter than 110°F on the cured surface, or it will become distorted and discolored. This is standard practice for nearly all epoxies cured at room temperature.

Can I thin MakerPoxy?

No, thinning epoxy changes the mix ratio and will result in improper cure.

Is this epoxy safe for food contact?

Yes, MakerPoxy Art Resin BPA-free formula is a safer alternative for finished projects that may come into contact with food.

What is the coverage of MakerPoxy?

The coverage for a one-gallon kit of MakerPoxy is roughly 12 sq. ft. at ⅛”, and 6 sq. ft. at ¼.″

How long will it take to cure?

It will take approximately 5-7 days at 77°F to fully cure.

Can I use dyes or pigments with MakerPoxy?

Yes. MakerPoxy Artist Resin can be tinted with epoxy-safe dyes, colorants, alcohol inks, mica powder pigments, or special effects additives.

How long is the working time?

MakerPoxy has a long working time of up to approximately 60 minutes, which is perfect for first-time resin users. However, it’s strongly recommended to mix only as much as you can apply in 20 minutes.

Can I mix MakerPoxy by weight or volume?

Yes. The mix ratio by volume is 1:1 (1 part A resin to 1 part B hardener) if you mix in a mixing cup by the graduations. The mix ratio by weight is 100A:84B, or 100 units of Part A resin for every 84 units of part B hardener.

What is the ideal temperature range when working with this resin?

The ideal temperature is around 70°F – 80°F. Warm conditions are critical for a successful cure, and to achieve the best clarity and surface finish.

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