TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner

Epoxy Primer Thinner 200


Marine solvent specially formulated to extend and improve the flow for brush, roller, or spray applications of TotalBoat epoxy-based coatings, including TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer, TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Barrier Coat, and TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer Systems. Versatile thinner also perfect for cleaning painting tools and equipment, and for use as a surface prep solvent wipe prior to applying Inflatable Boat Paint. Available in Quarts.

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Product Description

TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200 is specially formulated for use as a reducer / thinner for these 2-part epoxy coatings:

  • TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer
  • TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Barrier Coat
  • TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer Systems – Surfacing Primer, High-Build Primer, and Clear Primer

This versatile solvent is also great for cleaning tools and equipment after painting, and an ideal solvent wipe for rubberized inflatable materials prior to applying TotalBoat Inflatable Boat Paint for antifouling protection. Sold in Quart size.

IMPORTANT: All epoxy-based products for which this product is designed to be a thinner/reducer must go through an induction period prior to adding this product. The induction period is specified on the epoxy-based product, and varies from product to product.

TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200 Tech Data
Epoxy Primer Thinner 200 SDS

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