Epoxy Holiday Serving Board Kit
TotalBoat Epoxy Holiday Serving Board finishedTotalBoat Epoxy Holiday Serving Board finished - full lengthEpoxy Holiday Serving Board KitTotalBoat Holiday Serving Board - start by taping bottom edgesTotalBoat Holiday Serving Board - seal the bottom edges with masking tapeTotalBoat Holiday Serving Board - trim the edgesTotalBoat Holiday Serving Board - separate clear mixed epoxyTotalBoat Holiday Serving Board - tint clear mixed epoxyTotalBoat Holiday Serving Board - created designs with tinted epoxyTotalBoat Epoxy Holiday Serving Boat - scrape off dripsTotalBoat Epoxy Holiday Serving Boat - allow to cureTotalBoat Epoxy Holiday Serving Boat finished and looking good!

Epoxy Holiday Serving Board Kit


Make your own festive epoxy serving tray to serve up some holiday cheer with your appetizers or drinks this season. This easy-to-use kit comes with everything you need to create one 23″ x 7-1/2″ x 3/4″ wooden serving tray that's great for serving drinks, appetizers, cheeses, or fruit. It's also perfect as a casual centerpiece, a coffee table display, or a colorful accent to your holiday decor. The kit includes a variety pack of 10 epoxy colorants that give you options to decorate the tray for just about any holiday.

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Product Description

TotalBoat Epoxy Holiday Serving Board complete with party food
It’s easy to follow the included directions to make a beautiful serving tray with holiday sparkle using the TotalBoat Holiday Epoxy Serving Board Mini Kit. Using the included epoxy and tints and the step-by-step directions, let your creativity shine as you pour colorful designs with epoxy! If you don’t like your result, let it dry and try again on top. And, you’ll still have epoxy & tints to spare to try on other pieces. Best of all, the included resin (TotalBoat MakerPoxy by Jess Crow) is low odor and low VOC so there are no harsh fumes, making this a family friendly activity that’s safe for serving. These make great gifts that everyone will love at the holidays, or any time of year!

Kit includes:

  • 1 – 8 oz. Kit TotalBoat MakerPoxy by Jess Crow Epoxy Resin (4 oz.) and Hardener (4 oz.)
  • 1 – Wooden serving board (Size: 23″ x 7-1/2″ x 3/4″)
  • 5 – 8 oz. mixing cups
  • 20 – Small wooden popsicle stir sticks
  • 20 – 2 oz. tinting cups
  • 10/pk – Black Diamond™ mica powder pigment packets – 1 Lux Violet, 1 Sparkling Merlot, 1 Ghost Blue Pearl, 1 Purple Haze Diamond Effect, 1 Cobalt Blue, 1 Aztec Gold, 1 Red Glitter, 1 Jungle Green, 1 Silver Pearl, and 1 Golden Indigo (5g/pk)
  • 1 – Bottle of Mixol® universal liquid pigment – Red (20ml)
  • 1- Roll of blue masking tape (Width: 1″)
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

You will also need (not included in kit):

  • Plastic sheeting or a silicone mat to protect your work surface
  • A heat gun for removing any small bubbles and for moving the epoxy around on the board to create your design
  • A razor blade and a scraper

Here’s a helpful video that shows a very similar process for mixing and tinting epoxy, and creating colorful designs using our Epoxy Ocean Serving Board Kit.

Personal Safety
Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and wear appropriate personal protection when working with epoxy resin and hardener. Personal protection includes proper gloves, respirator, and eye, face, skin, and clothing protection. Be safe, and have fun! IMPORTANT: We do not recommend cutting on your serving board because the epoxy can chip, and chips of epoxy are harmful.

TotalBoat Epoxy Holiday Serving Board Kit Instructions
MakerPoxy Epoxy Resin Part A SDS
MakerPoxy Epoxy Hardener Part B SDS

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