Epoxy and Gelcoat Pigments - All Colors
Epoxy and Gelcoat Pigments - Dark BlueEpoxy and Gelcoat Pigments - RedEpoxy and Gelcoat Pigments - YellowEpoxy and Gelcoat Pigments - BlackEpoxy and Gelcoat Pigments - WhiteEpoxy and Gelcoat Pigments - Hunter GreenEpoxy and Gelcoat Pigments - BrownEpoxy and Gelcoat Pigments - Gray

Coloring Pigments For Epoxy And Gelcoat


These coloring agents blend with epoxy resins, polyester resin, gelcoat, and fillers. Tint to match gelcoat colors or use pigments to make beautiful finished products and creative artwork; from river tables to bar tops and more. Choose from 8 popular colors. Sold individually, in 2 ounce containers.

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Product Description

Available colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Dark Blue
  • Hunter Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Brown

Mixing Notes:

When mixing pigments into epoxy, you will want to combine resin and hardener before adding the pigments. The reason you want to combine the resin and hardener first is because the ratio of resin to hardener is extremely important in epoxy systems, and adding pigment before the hardener will throw off the ratio.

The time to start tinting your gelcoat or polyester resin is before adding the MEKP catalyst, because once you add the catalyst, the curing process begins. When you’re mixing pigments, the resin will probably kick while you’re still tinkering with the pigments to get the color right. The idea is to mix the pigment in first so the gelcoat remains uncatalyzed while you’re testing for a color match. When the color matches and you’re happy with it, you mix in the catalyst and apply the gelcoat.

If you’re trying to get a color match for your gelcoat, it’s important to understand that, when mixed with coloring agents or pigments, neutral gelcoat produces bolder, darker colors and white gelcoat produces lighter, more pastel colors.

  • Darker colors require approx. 4 fl. oz. per gallon of resin
  • Lighter colors require approx. 6 to 8 fl. oz. per gallon of resin

Epoxy Gelcoat Coloring Agents MSDS

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