TotalBoat 3 to 1 replacement pump for use with crystal clear and tropical epoxy hardeners

3:1 Hardener Pump


Replacement 3:1 pump for use with TotalBoat Crystal Clear and TotalBoat Tropical Hardeners. It’s calibrated to the proper ratio of one pump of TotalBoat traditional epoxy resin to one pump of hardener. Pump can be trimmed to size, if needed.

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Product Description

Note: Prime pump by depressing until a steady flow of hardener comes out. This pump is calibrated for use with TotalBoat Crystal Clear and Tropical Hardeners only. Not for use with any other TotalBoat product. Using it with standard fast or slow TotalBoat Traditional 5:1 hardeners will result in incorrect resin to hardener ratios and improper or no cure.

TotalBoat 3:1 Tropical & Crystal Clear Epoxy Hardeners & Traditional 5:1 Resin Pumps Instructions

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