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2-Part Epoxy Primer


Two-part, high-solids epoxy primer is an ideal tie coat under high-gloss urethane topcoats to maximize adhesion, improve gloss, and aid in gloss retention. Dries quickly for faster overcoating, easy to sand once cured, and provides excellent corrosion control. The Surfacing Primer formula is ideal for faired surfaces. The High Build Primer formula provides superior filling capabilities.

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Product Description

  • Durable, versatile marine epoxy primer in Surfacing and High Build formulas (not suitable as barrier coats)
  • Adheres aggressively to properly prepped fiberglass, wood, steel, and aluminum surfaces
  • Helps improve gloss and longevity when used as a primer under marine one- and two-part urethane topcoats
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection by sealing underwater metal surfaces on keels, shafts, props, and more
  • Surfacing Primer has a high-solids formula that allows rapid buildup of up to 12 mils wet in 3 hours
  • High Build Primer has a denser, higher solids formula that lets you build up to 20 mils wet, total
  • Fast-drying formulas offers faster overcoating times than competitors
  • Easy to sand once cured
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio
  • For use above and below the waterline
  • The High Build Primer can be used independently and does not need to be overcoated with Surfacing Primer, as with other 2-part marine epoxy systems
  • Surfacing Primer colors/kit sizes: Available in White and Gray, in Quart and Gallon kits
  • High Build Primer colors/kit sizes: Available in White and Gray, in a Quart kit only
  • Quart Kit: Includes 1 quart Part A Base and 1 quart Part B Activator
  • Gallon Kit: Includes 1 gallon Part A Base and 1 gallon Part B Activator
  • Each kit order includes 2 plastic mixing pots, 2 10″ wooden stir sticks, 2 2″ foam brushes, and 2 paint strainers
  • Thinner: TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200, Quart (sold separately). For thinning, surface prep cleaner, and tool cleanup

One primer, two formulas—multiple uses

Above the waterline, TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer adheres extremely well to wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. It creates a durable coating that adheres strongly to the surface, seals fairing work, and cures to a flexible film that won’t cause one- and two-part urethane topcoats to lift, crack, or peel. Its advanced polyamide formula improves the gloss of topcoats and helps them last longer so you won’t need to repaint as often.

Below the waterline, apply 2-Part Epoxy Primer to underwater metal parts to keep them corrosion-free so they work better and last longer. Please note: this product is not designed for the prevention and repair of gelcoat blisters and osmotic damage. For a tough, blister-preventing barrier coat under antifouling paint, use TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer. For a protective, watertight barrier to prevent corrosion on aluminum and steel boats, use TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Barrier Coat epoxy primer under antifouling and other 1- and 2-part paints.

For your convenience, TotalBoat 2-Part Marine Epoxy Primer is available in two formulas: Surfacing & High Build.

  • Surfacing Primer is ideal for faired surfaces that are ready for topcoat.
  • High Build Primer has a denser, higher-solids formula that’s great for filling small surface imperfections and pinholing prior to topcoat application.

Other 2-part marine epoxy primer systems make you apply the surfacing primer on top of the high build primer so the surface will be smooth enough for topcoats. The nice thing about our epoxy primer system is that you don’t need to use both primers on your project, just the one you need.


  • Components: Two
  • Finish: Semi-gloss
  • Application method: Brush, roll, or spray; if rolling, use 1/8″ nap, solvent-safe foam roller covers
  • Mix ratio by volume: 1 to 1
  • Induction period: Allow an induction period of approximately 30 minutes before thinning or application
  • Thinning: TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200 (Brush/Roller: not recommended, but use as needed to improve flow; Spray: reduce 15-25% (Surfacing Primer) or 15-25% (High Build Primer) for application and film thickness control)
  • Application temperature: 45-125°F
  • Pot life: 8 hrs @ 72°F
  • Number of coats: 1-3
  • Film thickness per coat: 3-4 mils wet
  • Recommended finish: Urethane coatings
  • Dry time to recoat: 1-3 hrs
  • Dry time to sand: 4-16 hrs (<4 mils dry); 16-24 hrs (>4 mils dry)
  • Cleanup: TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200
  • VOC content (admixed): Surfacing Primer, < 420 g/L; High Build Primer, < 350 g/L
  • Theoretical coverage: Surfacing Primer, 400 sq. ft. per gallon @ 2 mils dry film thickness; High Build Primer, 75-100 sq. ft. per gallon @ 3 mils dry film thickness

TotalBoat 2-Part Surfacing Epoxy Primer Tech Data
TotalBoat 2-Part High Build Epoxy Primer Tech Data
2-Part Epoxy Primer White Base SDS
2-Part Epoxy Primer Gray Base SDS
2-Part Epoxy Primer Surfacing Activator SDS
2-Part Epoxy Primer High Build Activator SDS

TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200 Tech Data
Epoxy Primer Thinner 200 SDS

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