Biaxial fiberglass cloth

17 Oz. Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth


#1708 E-glass biaxial (+/- 45 degree) fiberglass cloth with 3/4 oz. mat backing, ideal for tabbing, reinforcing, and repairs.

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Product Description

Biaxial fabric consists of two layers stitched together, with their fiber strands lying at +/- 45 degrees to the edges (instead of along the roll and across at 90 degrees, as with plain weave fiberglass fabrics). “1708” indicates the weight of each layer. For example, the +/- 45 biaxial weave cloth is 17 oz. per square yard, and the mat backing is 8 oz. per square yard, so the total weight is 25 oz. per square yard.

Please note: 18 oz. biaxial weave fiberglass cloth is sold by the yard; 17 oz. cloth is sold in three pre-cut lengths. All types have a 3/4 oz. mat backing that adds extra thickness and ensures a smoother finished surface.


  • Biaxial fabric requires less resin, and conforms easily
  • Flat, non-crimped fibers result in less print-through and greater stiffness than woven fabrics
  • The 17 oz., 38" wide cloth comes in pre-cut 3-, 10-, and 25-yard lengths. The 18 oz., 50" wide cloth is sold by the yard.

17 oz. Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth SDS