Paul Jackman is a graduate of Upper Cape Cod Vocational High School where he studied Woodworking and Carpentry and acquired the foundation of his woodworking knowledge. He started Jackman Works when he graduated in 2009 as a way to continue that journey while he went on to study Civil Engineering at Syracuse University. Jackman Works continued as a side project over the summers during college, working out of the back of his now iconic orange Honda Element. After college, that developed further into a small workshop in the basement of his Boston apartment and that is where Jackman first picked up a camera and started sharing his work on YouTube and Instagram. That spiraled into the Jackman that we know today. Just a few years later, his wife joined the Coast Guard and they were lucky enough to be stationed in the beautiful state of Rhode Island. With the move, Paul had to quit his day job, but with the woodworking (through video making) being an ever-growing endeavor in the background, he decided to take it for a spin full time. He set up his first official shop in North Kingstown at The Mill at Shady Lea.
After a recent relocation by the Coast Guard, Paul is now located in the Nation’s Capital, Washington D.C. He works with a mix of materials typically focusing on high-end reclaimed and upcycling projects through woodworking. One might say he likes to push the boundaries, often creating enlarged wooden projects that he likes to refer to as “Jackman Sized”. These off the wall projects test his patience, but also push his skill-set to the next level, which is the real reason behind them. All of this is shared with a full build video for every project on his YouTube channel. He makes fast-paced and entertaining build videos there that are made for everyone, but with the ultimate goal to get the younger generations excited about making again. Referring to his educational background, Jackman says that very few people these days are lucky enough to have the hands-on learning experience that he had, so he’s trying to pay it forward by translating what he know into very easily digestible videos where people are entertained while they learn and often laugh at his own expense (usually on purpose… usually).



Paul loves TotalBoat 2:1 Epoxy with the Slow Hardener, and is a fan of all orange TotalBoat hats, tees, and products.  Paul has used the 2:1 for a variety of jobs from filling cracks, knot, and holes in wood to casting, planing and laminating using the versatile epoxy. He’s a big fan – but you don’t have to take our word for it – check out Paul’s YouTube videos, Instagram account and Facebook page and see what he thinks. He’s pretty amusing and we like his style a lot. How about you?

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